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Thirtieth chapter S广州夜网论坛EFDong Nuanyu

” bridge of sounds of nature ” small Qiao Er / , this chapter in all 3425 words, update at: 2014-10-30 12:30

Sky institute.

Training of philharmonic society of sounds of nature is indoor, came out a ringing ancient kite tweedle, tone is not neat, melody is jerky, be without manner, a pleasant melody, in the person that stroke musical instrument play meticulously below, appearance of music model spirit, can says unique and incomparable. The door that trains the elevator outdoor slowly open, form of a cyan goes carefreely from which, go straight towards training room continuously. When the door that pushs training room when her, see woman of a white skirt is sitting in oneself locally, it is ground of exert to one’s utmost strokes musical instrument to play very, play the song that come out nevertheless, it is really dare not flatter. With her, still have younger sister of other division of a few junior fellow apprentice people.

When seeing arrival, white skirt woman also stops the work in the helper, rave happily: “Day division elder sister! You come! You come!!

“Warm Yu Shimei, you come very early! ” mouth of Rong Tianer close lightly laughs, come to Song Nuanyu of white skirt woman beside sit down.

“Division elder sister is worn really good-lookingly today! ” crazy crazy ground laughs at Song Nuanyu.

“Thank! ” Rong Tianer also is smiling to s[……]


The seventeenth chapter广州桑拿狼友网 helps sb to fulfill his wishes marriage

” city of drive sword bend ” sheep is elegant / , this chapter in all 2030 words, update at: 2014-07-05 22:52

Xia Yun’s word appears a little faint, also not be a bit truth also is done not have however. Xia Hou looked ursine wither up and down, however unlike is the appearance with a hot firm.

Such important matter, what the clique comes out above most propbably all corners of the country also is ace.

Ursine wither heavy pupil, he also knows, xia Yun this is to help this talk, but all things that are him, ursine wither is do not want drag in to arrive really Xia Yun.

And it seems that, xia Yun begs for leniency also is not so downwind downstream.

“Elder brother, I tell the truth with you. Yun escape marriage run away from home, dad is looking for Yun all the time. On the road, met this bear eldest brother, she helps Guo Yun, yun very favorite also him. But power of summerly home place of business is so great, we are impossible to be together, come over to look for elder brother secretly you help! Come over to look for elder brother secretly you help!!

Xia Yun is playing the hand of ursine wither, “Thump ” genuflect go down, ceaseless still wither following bear makes have sth in mind lubricious. Although ursine wither is clear about in the heart, remain the same however not throat.

alleged, v/arc true man is somewhat do not[……]


Little thief全国茶资源信息 of treasure of pilfer of the first chapter

” city of drive sword bend ” sheep is elegant / , this chapter in all 2004 words, update at: 2014-08-14 09:18

Should say the where in this Luoyang city most air, can be about to count Zhao Jiazhuang to not be belonged to.

In this Luoyang city the most flourishing a sector of an area, the gules gate that brushing gold lacquer slowly open, a woman went from door hind, the garment skirt of a suit pink, 3 feet black hair all hangs down between the waist, body appearance enchantings.

“Size elder sister, the branch store of vessel abundant date just opens business, lord lets you was celebrated together in the past! Lord lets you was celebrated together in the past!!

This ability just walks along Zhao Lan, the Home Laoguan Wang Bai in the home is in her back babble.

” good good, I knew. Grandfather new store opens the day of magnify auspicious today, I am so abruptness went, do not have it seems that so surprizing. Do not have it seems that so surprizing..

Zhao Lan is replying, also wear in the plan in the heart other issue.

“I say size elder sister, vessel abundant date can be the mind flesh of lord, you but absolutely does not make a what trouble gift is nice! You but absolutely does not make a what trouble gift is nice!!

Zhao Lan can be small ancestor of Zhao Jiazhuang, battling suzerain namely of her grandfathe[……]


Recall an order 4: Bloodstone dwell does not have l广州桑拿信息imit

” the bone bewitching of Bai Yue night pays a debt of gratitude ” not dead Xiaobai is white / , this chapter in all 1182 words, update at: 2014-10-07 08:00

It is not difficult to be together, if do not care painful.

Bai Yue feels the saliva on the face, the corners of the mouth of right is inclined hang, resemble ringent persimmon: “Think dead! Not urgent! But I still have a lot of words to want to say! You also should listen well, how does he love you. . . . . . ..

“Bai Yue! Take a mirror to take your ghost look well! You are already ugly must do not deserve to speak a person! ” besides exasperate this bedlamite, I do not have her law. I do not want to see night got hurt again really. . . . . .

Beetle was ground to give a group all round the crutch on the ground, I know Bai Yue is already aflame with passion, still just be in enduring. I need to add a fire again, make her OK erupt between instantly!

Want to say again in me when, hear night says however: “Bai Yue, you are I use the piece that protects her only, it is all the time. You are new evil spirit, you should know me to want to change her destiny, must get had cheated everybody. Must get had cheated everybody..

Ah — — — ah — — — — ah — — — —

Nocturnal word detonates the flame of firedamp like, bai Yue screams in a stern voice, the echo all round cliff makes t[……]


Broken star of the 27th cha广州98场推荐JGDpter

” ghost differs a trainee ” the tear that recollects loneliness / , this chapter in all 2030 words, update at: 2014-12-06 22:22

Broken star of the 27th chapter

My time 2582 days

“Good, see you have skill savor, tell you, my flesh can be very delicate. “Wang Hao says, take 1000 thunder awl forward laniary half step moves quickly to come.

Laniary see the Wang Hao that be atttacked to oneself and comes, dehisce is shot with respect to the energy that is black to Wang Hao, wang Hao sees the black energy that shoots to oneself, a dodge, disappear in place.

And appear again when Wang Hao when, had come laniary in the sky, the 1000 thunder awl in the hand rotates quickly, to laniary it is prick.

And laniary fortunately oneself long head is more, afterbrain bag as it happens sees Wang Hao, also do not have overmuch time to let right now nevertheless laniary avoided, then laniary also sacrifice only small I am saved big I kind of spirit, rush namely to 1000 thunder awl of Wang Hao with oneself hind head, and taking the advantage of this bit of time, laniary avoid rapidly come, and 1000 thunder awl to prick of laniary and hind head, the head is defeated, green blood flies from which shoot.

Wang Hao sees biff does not have a success, disappear in sky again, laniary the dreariness that just feels ghost is poor right now, the head that[……]


The 18th word is mari广州spatime catch hunt

” Shuang Yu? Recall chronicle ” tangerine one night tide / , this chapter in all 3105 words, update at: 2014-10-06 22:00

Yin Yu’s rate is much rapidder than before, I calculate carried fast do not follow quickly also to go up he. Night, it is him most adept world, move back and forth freely, and me this mankind can follow a cat to compare how, I can effect of open shadow pupil.

[shadow pupil] the learn the rudiments of a subject at the beginning of the apprentice that is a shadow is first control mandatory skill, can penetrate already ahead all 100 hindrance inside rice, also the attribute of the content that institute of eye of separate out of can accurate cent reachs. Commonly used at chasing fierce person, the way of seasonable and dialytic enemy when the battle. And the shadow catchs just as its name implies to hide at namely dark black in catch hunter, special darkling surveys the person that sins with raid, it is an extremely dangerous job profession. Only exclusive the employee ability that the shadow catchs the identity learns and have [shadow pupil] , if have the person that exit, department must be caught to abolish personally by the shadow before exit its are all the art that the shadow catchs, include [shadow pupil] .

And I was not abolished [shadow pupil] this skill, because I am Yin Yu’s guardian,be, hold important task concurrently personally. The shadow catchs department to give m[……]


The 10th chap广州夜生活论坛ter, lotus what hate with Lian Weichou is germinant

” tear of China die young ” Hua Jin announce / , this chapter in all 2494 words, update at: 2014-12-02 16:08

Tian Shanxue bump.

Beautiful and peculiar palace, the advantage of big Zhouguo of union and big neat country, contain an another individual amorous feelings again.

The place that a cruelty must take a person not to spit bone is however in this palace that beautiful nobility cannot involve however, make a person lifetime and unforgettable.

Construct collect field.

Lian Weiyu looks to be not worn this man beside wants what to do.

He chose her acupuncture point path, command person him general is full-dress dress up, feign is being installed bestow favor on be addicted to all over the face, there is her only it seems that in the eye, also do not have other again, hold her in the arms the bosom in oneself in.

She won’t believe the thing of gutty and similar love in the eye of this man, more it is what is more,the rather that before oneself are insensible, he has said to want to make her unripe be inferior to dead, return resound to be by the side of her ear to now, the sort of mood is how terrible, saw the appearance that oneself straighten his clothes and sit properly in his bosom again also know.

Look at far construct collect field, she just feels Chu Han day calculates cruelty far from to her in one’s[……]


Before marriage of the 15th cha广州桑拿夜生活论坛pter

” Chun Yangling Ling ” south Men Reran / , this chapter in all 3568 words, update at: 2017-02-16 16:49

In the evening, the leaf loves lotus general east wing-room is cleared away come out to live to Leng Mei. Wing-room does not have kang east, bed of a piece of wood was put inside, there is a thick straw on bedplate, seat of a piece of bamboo was laid on straw piece, bamboo banquet piece on spread a piece most probably new hand-woven cloth bedspread, the head of a bed is putting the quilt of one bed white, also have most probably new. Oil lamp of Xie Ailian persistence brings Leng Mei in the room, say: “Plum, do you see this room return satisfaction not? If what be short of, although you start to talk, become from height home same, do not feel embarrassed. ” the place that can have a stay already very satisfactory, still be so good room what is more,the rather that, leng Mei is touched so that heat up a tear to be filled with the socket of eye, say again and again: “Thank aunt, this is already very good, whats have, what be short of. What be short of..

“Good, you are certain tired also, breakfast rests, I went. ” on desk of a piece of before Xie Ailian is saying to put oil lamp in the bed young timber, say, “Had closed the door in the evening. ” say to go outside, walk along a doorway to had turned round to exhort again, “Tomorrow morning you need not rise early, sleep well shut-eye, cook good breakfast I call you[……]


Wingceltis of the 22nd ch广州夜网论坛RSDapter and pluvial tung

” Na Shanmeng ” spring breeze of may I ask / , this chapter in all 1029 words, update at: 2017-03-09 14:10

Wingceltis and pluvial tung

“Elder sister, you wait me a moment, I went to be not moved. I went to be not moved..

The lip that pluvial tung freezes so that empurple is pulling a voice to cry crying, cry at the same time, cry at the same time.

“Elder sister, I went to be not moved, you wait me a moment. You wait me a moment..

? This kind cries call, let wingceltis can hear lingering sound in sleep.

Pluvial tung, have gentleman heart disease as a child, this kind is ill, cannot take too much route, walk along 10 paces lip to empurple, the face is paly. Asthma does not come over, stop with respect to need rest. Or is carrying the travel before her on the back with respect to the person beside need.

Pluvial tung is 5 years old, wingceltis is 8 years old. At this moment the body of pluvial ketone is very light, every sky learns the wingceltis on the road to be able to help pluvial tung up, the hand that pulling pluvial phoenix tree and tung tree walks on sinuate alley.

Classes are over on the road that come back, collect plum together, have bamboo shoot. The wingceltis in the autumn climbs Shi Ya to seam in go pulling potherb, tung letting rain is in next is in to help collect.

Dan Yutong mo[……]


: of the 19th chapter? Male armpit of  of guanidine of 广州夜网SN论坛WDS of  of  of  of lofty of  M  ! ?

” original meet by chance ” city of half world Chinese ink / , this chapter in all 2682 words, update at: 2017-03-29 07:36

“Xiaoning, how do you return a responsibility with Liu Shen? ” Xie Qing looks up look at all over the sky sky, the after-thought in the head is worn a moment ago Liu Xiaomei’s word, feeling Jian Ning follows Liu Shen from beginning to end is common friend not simply so simple.

“How to return a responsibility, meet again after a long separation just, I follow him is common friend only. ” the meaning that Jian Ning knows foliaceous fine word, subsequently she laughs, mood is answering her insipidly.

Xie Qing rises the station is before Jian Ning, look at her with the eye that examine next, if she believes she says, but she does not believe Liu Shen. “Xiaoning, you go magazine company interview, does Liu Shen know not to know beforehand? You do not feel of your interview some are too successful, the resume that just sends in the evening before today, lay between a day to be admitted in the morning. Lay between a day to be admitted in the morning..

“You say so, it is strange to still have a place really, I will ask him tomorrow, did not know. ” Jian Ning says, after-thought she received a telephone call that day, go the issue that magazine company reports, it is some feel strange.

“Tell the truth actually, liu Shen is much stronger than Zhuo Ha[……]