Banquet of Zuo of Zuo of the 83rd chapter

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Severe grand day handles official bussiness attentively, unexpected telephone call thinks, severe grand day glances of the phone show receive a telephone call, “Feed… “

“Severe president, do not know to be able to be denied have time, admire a face to talk with me? ” Lin Tianci is not boiled really.

Does severe grand day carry hold in mouth or eyes of eyebrow mouth edge to remove a to laugh ” do not know forest what should always talk about with me?

“Severe president, by the relation hello should call me farther-in-law, you promise me clearly if I marry the daughter to you,you can let off Lin, can be now my company why all suppliers are in with the partner end an agreement, do I think you won’t not know this thing? ” it is certain that Lin Tianci knows severe grand day the use shift with deliberate rearward, otherwise each partner also won’t follow him end an agreement.

“I had accomplished the thing that I promise you, I still had given your evidence you and did not back up, what concern does the thing that don’t I know to you say have with me after all? ” nature of severe grand day knows he is what meaning, who be but since be me,severe grand day thinks to want the thing that do,active shake?

“Severe president, do you rip turn against what to profit have to you with me so? Must is piscine dead net broken? ” Lin Tianci knows who severe grand day is, if he wants to pull Lin break down that oneself is to be without art of the lack that wind a day really, oneself dare not follow severe grand day to move really hard, he understands he is not the adversary of severe grand day at all.

“I had followed my issue it is very clear that you are solved, remain only yourself saves him, was opposite if if I buy Lin,still having without striking a blowing, if you feel you do not have so much energy to be able to tell me, how can be I taken over immediately? How can be I taken over immediately??

The word of severe grand day sentence sentence it is to provoke do not give outer part. The head that Li Tianci enrages with a buzz rings, bite gnash one’s teeth ” that need not fatigue is irritated forest president charge, but still ask forest the president is lenient, although do not look to go up in my face, also ask… look in blood on face, let off Lin! Let off Lin!!

Severe grand day is abrupt one cold moment answered black eye a word ” good ” hanged a phone directly.

Lin Tianci does not know severe grand day is true decision lenient to oneself company, still be perfunctory namely oneself are one sentence, he dare not believe really. Lin Yuner looks at decadent Lin Tianci, eye ground has delimited anxious mood, “Pa, how does severe grand day say, want us how to be done after all, we did not promise him all requirements, how to still agree to let off our home? ” of Lin Yuner tonetic because excited some are tall.

“Enough, you are not increasing chaos, I think now silent, was opposite to blood hit a phone to say to come home in the evening have a meal. ” say to wave to Lin Yuner brandish signal she goes out.

Allow of some be agitated push the door, go out to see Lin Jinchen, see an elder brother the appearance allow of that careless and casual white a Lin Jinchen ” to that smelly girl calls, father says to let her must come home in the evening. Father says to let her must come home in the evening..

Lin Jinchen develops allow blow a whistle, the secretary in the doorway sweeps that bawdy eyes on what come sweep off, each girl avoids without unlike god of plague is like so that hurry low first.

Severe home fastens a courtyard

Blood sleep dark all round, feel oneself want to work dead only, thirsty a nuisance, open desperately open one’s eyes, a bit effort does not have the body, the head is befuddled still, the sunshine outside looking at a window is done not have so bright, also do not know now when, remember only in the morning when woke after the Yan Hao that bedside still has that cold face is natural…

Blood red face struggles rise, this is to should die, see helper opportunity at 5 o’clock, slept one day oneself hungry thirsty, bastard, smelly man, the whisper in the heart is being scolded rise walk into a bathroom to wash wash oneself to go next cloakroom changes the building below a piece of the dress is cadaverous face, blood feel oneself can take a cattle.

Does servant see blood before next buildings smile immediately ” young mistress of the house did you wake? Does servant see blood before next buildings smile immediately ” young mistress of the house did you wake??



The 29th chapter does not have wedding

” affection shallow float is unripe ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 2256 words, update at: 2020-03-13 15:25

Boer this hotel

The Laosilaisi of a black stops in Boer this the doorway of the hotel, severe grand day from stern of the take big strides inside the car go, the face of that condensation was to see hotel entrance first, next the set foot on a hotel a flight of stairs of half step. The manager of old hall and recieve personnel already await respectively is in doorway, to severe grand day bend forward salute personally.

The course of cold face of severe grand day they, what side with oneself then is exclusive elevator goes…

A black runs quickly slowly stop in Boer this the doorway of the hotel, before the driver goes up instantly, bow open door for Lin Tianci, lin Tianci goes imperially from the take big strides inside the car. That solemn face was to see hotel entrance first, next a face about blood inside the car, blood there is light smile on the face, a pair of bright double eye are showing moving light, carry eye looks to this before luxuriant hotel. Turn head and Lin Tianci laugh slightly to inspecting, stepped into a hotel as Lin Tianci…

The bading to want to do next to the lawyer thing with the emperor quiet cabinet with severe grand upstair day, hear again next outside greet sb sound. The eye light of severe grand day twinkles a bit, knew a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest to arrive, just say to the lawyer: “You go out first. “You go out first..

The lawyer nods slightly next face about went…

Severe grand weather is cold face is looking attentively at Lin Tianci to say, “Sit please. “Sit please..

Serve is born below the direct of the manager, begin serving.

Lin Tianci and blood on two people sit in severe grand day, does Lin Tianci start to talk ” only severe him president dines with us? Does Lin Tianci start to talk ” only severe him president dines with us??

Light of eye of severe grand weather is on the move a bit, look at blood, be in all the time from the Yu Guang of the evil spirit eye that takes a severe grand day looking her up and down. Her a suit appears recreationally before oneself today, actually complete element colour, be without powdery black, bai Xi’s skin more appear she is whole the person is comely and conspicuous. Static if be in child she, raise one’s hand is cast sufficient between the interest that returns true part not to eat terrestrial cooked food… Shuang Qingche’s then bright pupil, bend curved Liu Mei, grow long eyelash to be in slightly shakily, that sexy thin lip just besmeared a bit lipstick is like that opium poppy leaf is euqally delicate be about to drip, quiet in that way beauty…

Does severe grand day laugh spicily ” is Lin Dong to hope my parents also comes? ” condensation of severe grand day is worn the face says to Lin Tianci.

On Lin Tianci’s solemn face a little convulsive, the word of severe grand day of the all the time warning oneself, minatory him move.

“Severe president josh, I am won’t the person that dispute goes. I am won’t the person that dispute goes..

“But I am one knows the person that tells favour graph newspaper however, ” light of eye of severe grand weather twinkles a bit cast to blood.

Lin Tianci knowingly, abrupt mouth laughs, “Severe president is acting really! “Severe president is acting really!!

Severe grand weather is cold hum, “Nevertheless… “

A sound breaks the word of severe grand day, open the door strictly directly. The edge walks along an edge to lower one’s head button of unlock business suit says: “I am sorry eldest brother, have an operation temporarily, so… ” if be being remained strictly, did not say to be in with respect to choke guttural, the movement in the hand also is stiff on business suit, indissoluble look at the 2 people before.

“So… ” strict some look at blood surprisingly.

Blood rise the strong smile that shows tender feeling strictly, “Severe president also asked us today, ” developing severe style skin to blink next blink, the smile is so apparent, just loosened gently at a heat. Because a moment ago the eyes of severe grand day lets his gutty and asphyxial feeling, reading the eye that does not know him is deep feeling or bigger plot in light…

“Come late, still reason asks a reason. ” severe grand day is abrupt suddenly turn hostile, a moment ago blood jubilate to what give out in strict occurrence eye eye let Yan Hao day have some of offending to the eye.

“Oh… ” the admonitory eyes that gets Yan Hao day strictly, the brandish on the horse drops business suit, beside sit to severe gr[……]


04 prophecy

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Wang Yueru’s secretary (Milan) after the experience that is informed her from Wang Yueru mouth, discussing the belongings of diddle Wang Yueru with Chen Hao.

Milan arranged Wang Yueru and Chen Hao to be in a hospital ” chance encounter ” , chen Hao says to there is big disaster surely inside Wang Yueru and Wu Lin half an year.

If Wangyue is not believed originally, anyhow she also is once intellectual, it is the gully that be entered by abduct nevertheless in stopped a few years, return unapt such clumsy.

But go out,she encountered the thief that grab a sack, this makes she must be believed. At the moment is the most important telling a daughter to make a daughter much increase careful ability namely is.



021 alarming he sues me, be imprisoned

” you accompany tower of my wild goose to get wet in the rain I accompany you to watch snow ” Xiamuxi / , this chapter in all 2626 words, update at: 2020-04-20 20:00

Xuan Sen awakes in the morning call the opinion that seeks me, ask need not to need to recommend a lawyer, say he knows the attorney office boss with famous Xi’an, the relationship is good, I let him deliver the address of law place to small letter, he says to after coming off work, come over to receive me.

I feel puzzled, “You were not to ask for leave, how still go to work? How still go to work??

He says, “The boss of a Petroleum Company changed the southwest that sees about next week suddenly the journey, meet today surely, I also am the announcement that returned an ability to receive assistant last night. I also am the announcement that returned an ability to receive assistant last night..

I am forced to encourage to him, “Hope the negotiation is successful. “Hope the negotiation is successful..

He asked for the ring off that kiss ability to me, every time such, before calling up, always want and my be bored with is crooked.

When midday, gong Zhe woke, experienced the thing of yesterday evening, she does an individual gaunt big, the mood is stable.

She asks, “When? “When??

I say, “Just passed at 12 o’clock. “Just passed at 12 o’clock..

“Oh, I go washing gargle. I go washing gargle..

She the word did not raise the issue that produced last night, went closet, the voice that hears current clang clang noise.

After she comes out from toilet, I call her bedside, admit to ask really, “What plans today? “What plans today??

She asks in reply, “You? “You??

I think, still decide adventurous say, “The thing that the police had intervened Xu Kai gets hurt, only you send the spot in the thing at that time, the suspicion that says you normally so is the biggest, although you had been done in police station,note, but we should be entered advocate for first, it is clear to look for a lawyer to understand as soon as possible if where manages,encounter this kind of trouble, if you enquire constabulary resummons more detail, we also won’t heart big chaos, you are cleared away, we go to the attorney office of Introduction Xuan Sen. We go to the attorney office of Introduction Xuan Sen..

Gong Zhe appears not anxious look for a lawyer, say, “Go to a hospital seeing Wan Xukai, good-bye lawyer is not late also. Good-bye lawyer is not late also..

I not concede, “Be no good, you cannot grow children sentiment now be put in the first, your place also does not allow, must see lawyer ability see him, pray what we should do only he can wake. Pray what we should do only he can wake..

Gong Zhe considered very long, ability say, “All right, but you must accompany me to answer a hotel to take a thing first. But you must accompany me to answer a hotel to take a thing first..

I can’ted help frightening jump, did not think of she is so audacious, the spot had been pulled by police cordon, the hotel is sealed, it is very difficult to want to go in, this moment she appears in the hotel, the target is too big, can arouse the suspicion of police only, in case police already fish clew, not be hurl oneself willingly into the net, if the police arrests her on the spot, our plan bubble soup.

My a bit does not compromise, “This trouble can let only my, forethought lawyer, go to a hospital deciding Xu Kai broke away from life danger again, police also did not check any doubtful clew, ability goes hotel. Ability goes hotel..

She does not understand my way, think I press a root to did not think past hotel, be in flicker her, after I hold to repeatedly, she changed a plan, agree to see a lawyer with me.

The attorney office of Introduction Xuan Sen is located in south the seventeen building of an office building other well of door king government office, the person that can open a firm in this a sector of an area is not average person, financial capacity affirmation is abundant.

I and palace sagacious give the employer that attorney office contacted before the hotel, be female, surname, hear those who come to we are Introduction Xuan Sen introductions, promised readily to see us, turned the dinner party in the morning.

When we see her, she has waited was in at the door the company, waited it seems that very long, the friendship that sees she and Xuan Sen is not shallow, we by her temperament indeed Jing arrived, the figure that chooses high, business suit of a suit female money draws near personally, take bit of long hair that coil, facial made up weak very delicate however,[……]


025 I leave here today, we again impossible also

” you accompany tower of my wild goose to get wet in the rain I accompany you to watch snow ” Xiamuxi / , this chapter in all 1786 words, update at: 2020-04-24 20:00

Her abrupt and frozen manner lets me see reality clear again, probably she and Xuan Sen had contradictory ability prep before to see me, but for Gong Zhe, I can with thickskinned, all the time when the day is black, she comes out from the office, see I still am in, she is open-eyed path, “How are you still done not have? “How are you still done not have??

I not talk in a roundabout way, ask in vain continuously, ” boss, why don’t you wish suddenly to see me? Xu Kai died, gong Zhe was arrested by the police, I need your help really now. I need your help really now..

She is shy path, “Not be I am not willing to help you, it is me helpless really. It is me helpless really..

I ask her, “Because,be Xuan Sen, if both of you have contradiction really, I let him apologize to you. I let him apologize to you..

She gravely, “Truth tells you, because,be him, but we did not contradict, when I came off work last night, received the small letter that he sends, let me must not accept your law case again later, otherwise, he and I am personal enemy, so, you still look for other lawyer. You still look for other lawyer..

My instant is aflame with passion, want to find Xuan Sen to challenge immediately only why does he want so do, where did I and palace sagacious displease him again, if he does not give the explanation that gives satisfaction, I can call damage certainly him.

Before be being faced, the boss fumbled a long time, still remind me kindly, “You need not seek the attorney office of Xi’an, although I was not clear about what to happen between you and Xuan Sen, make him such be ashamed into anger, can my understanding to him, he should have made call to all attorney office of Xi’an churchyard, so, now no matter you go to which, won’t the law case that somebody is willing to receive you, although you are drawn out price is again high, also won’t somebody is received, everybody is adult, was willing to break oneself for a case without the person the following rice bowl, after all nobody can offend Xuan Sen’s force case. After all nobody can offend Xuan Sen’s force case..

If this message breaks off the body in me to go up with a lightning, xuan Sen can do actually so absolutely, do not leave us a bit a way of escape, if he has said to me, those become very acid, resembled dripping the heart in me is plunged into to go up like the needle of candle, very painful, very painful.

My forced smile come out, “One appears on the market company, does he have so old right really? Does he have so old right really??

the boss nods, “Northwest oil can not be general appear on the market company, the interest that our office acquires every year from inside its collaboration is 30 million, this still is a cup of a thick soup only in residual, putting so big a cake, who to give not enchanted, I remember your home be in Nanjing, go back search, what I can do is to wish your friend comes out in safety. What I can do is to wish your friend comes out in safety..

I acoustical thank, headed for Gemini star edifice, although Xuan Sen is not in a company, I also want dig ground a hunderd li to dig him it is clear to come out to ask.

Elevator, I approach Xuan Sen’s office continuously, encountered Li Chun however, she identified me, the face of excitedly I greet sb, “Handsome young man, look for our Feng Zong, he is in the office, but I suggest you had better not go now, his mood appears bad. His mood appears bad..

I laugh slightly to her, continue to go toward the office, li Chun strong advanced aspect, say, “You cannot go really, went bumping toward muzzle namely. Went bumping toward muzzle namely..

I break down almost, say with approximately invocatory snout, “Elder sister, can let, I have urgent matter to look for your Feng Zong really, even if today day disclose cavity comes out, I also must see him. I also must see him..

Li Chun be forced get out of the way road, I push the door of the office, xuan Sen is lying on sofa to sleep, after sound be openinged the door sleeps lightly, he sits straight body, growl path, “Do not know to knock? “Do not know to knock??

“It is me! ” my voice says gravely.

He saw me, sit to the front of desk to read a document, me air was in aside.

I am driven beyond forbearance, aloud, “Xuan Sen, I after all err what, is your have to so right I? Is your have to so right I??

He saw me coldly again, take out an express bag to throw me from file basket, the eyes of the sort of ignore I or first tim[……]


010 be no good, the money that make gives you the flower namely

” you accompany tower of my wild goose to get wet in the rain I accompany you to watch snow ” Xiamuxi / , this chapter in all 2805 words, update at: 2020-04-03 20:00

Xuan Sen is pushing shopping car to turn as me, also do not choose feed capable person, the eye falls on my body all the time, resemble admiring a refined artwork, fell in love with, on


I raised the cold range that Henan produces, prepare to be put into shopping car later, see he is staring at the eye of that pair of my scampish color, I all over uncomfortable, spellbound path, “What is your wretched appearance seeing? “What is your wretched appearance seeing??

His reaction is patted slow partly, after answering a god, giggle is worn say, “Your eye is really sexy, I look infatuate, with respect to addiction. With respect to addiction..

I turn over supercilious look, “Looked 8 years, also did not listen to your boast to cross my eye good-looking, brain is today by pig arch, was stupid. Was stupid..

His look displeased, chicanery, “Two years still are broken among, or 10 years. Or 10 years..

I become aware only the burning pain on the face, resembling is by him the fan of firm firm spank, he is the person that say innocently, but I idea is exquisite think he is in the intelligence quotient that challenges me, before be like one year my leave, my man-made is become, it is me cruel-hearted dropped him, betrayed him, and he is emotive victim purely.

Anyhow, he is most that individual of grievance.

I do not know to should say what is good temporarily, maintained a paragraph of distance with him from beginning to end, silent continuity chooses feed capable person, him disclosure of his this ability missay word, buy my clothes gently from back, resemble those who err is childlike, lower his head to say, “I am sorry. “I am sorry..

Voice is very small, small it is clear that the stretchy ear that can try hard only to me goes listening to ability, I still him desolate be in aside, also do not plan to accept his apology easily, if an adult err finishs sth, if ought not to saying, a few ” I am sorry ” be worth to excuse, that life is not already turn things upside down.

Cold war arrives red wine area, xuan Sen took a bottle to pack fine red wine from frame, had seen a specification, put approvingly into shopping car, say, “As it happens of this bottle of wine suits dinner is used tonight! “As it happens of this bottle of wine suits dinner is used tonight!!

The sarcastic path that I distain, “Do not make even the name give comer, do not know what to showing off, be afraid that nobody knows you are upstart? Be afraid that nobody knows you are upstart??

In his home really very poor, but kin is full of than, ascendancy also is the horizontal stroke that comparative, he is in northwest oil these year, carry the pen of person arteries and veins of kin, opened in oil industry not only famous degree, the basin full earthen bowl that also has earned is full, drink red wine rarely however, nature is very little to red wine understanding.

See I mock him, he is not enraged not only, take the chance to be affectedly unconventional instead, “Good, I am really wrong, did not get angry, I serve you well certainly tonight. I serve you well certainly tonight..

I laugh slightly, “Excuse you, not to be repeated. Not to be repeated..

“Yes, darling. Darling..

He is glad had taken a bottle of red wine to be put into shopping car from frame again.

I take out the place with red wine original replace directly, “This bottle of Mu Tong of 87 years did not want, too expensive, enough I drink the money of milk of large half an year. Enough I drink the money of milk of large half an year..

He objects to the utmost, it seems that wind blows his fund, “Be no good, the money that make gives you the flower namely. The money that make gives you the flower namely..

He but true self-confidence, the gold that becoming his really is me advocate, although I am unemployed, I also arrive without end calculating degree, and it is temporary unemployment only, the money that because I am in Nanjing,earns is already enough I am spent 10 years about the same.

“Nerve ” , I am wanting to get angry, “Ill ” the word is stupefied is to did not cry come out, fear this one voice goes down to draw the look of other people come over, then, I press small voice, resemble an elder advising in earnest euqally, stir again say, “Xuan Sen, are you very rich? If you are rich, I do not want more, you give me 10 100 million, make me informal spend. If you are done not have, then you have to listen to me, begin from[……]