Spread a sad news of the death again! Zimbabwe lion king ” Cecil Er ” offspring is killed by hunt

In ­   report occupied new network on July 21 outside intermediary report, 2015, king of Zimbabwe star lion ” Cecil Er ” suffer hunt of dentist of an United States is killed. A few days ag佛山夜品茶网o, zimbabwe comes out again sad news of the death. Researcher confirms, “Cecil Er ” an offspring is at the beginning of this month be killed by hunt. ­   lion (t西安夜品茶网he data pursues) ­   occupies a story, the researcher of Oxford says, what be killed this is ” 武汉夜网论坛Cecil Er ” unborn Xanda. According to introducing, xanda age is 6 years old, adorned track necklace, it is killed by hunt in Zimbabw佛山夜品茶网e northwest ministry at the beginning of this month. Researcher weighs ­   , xa

nda is be paid cost to shoot legally by a hunte

r kill, place of its be murdered is located in Zimbabwe 10 thousand base one near national park chases inside 武汉夜网论坛the area, stand by in those days ” Cecil Er ” the place of be murdered. Researcher expresses ­   , be born from Xanda case, they are undertaking tracking to it all the time, to be related of Xanda be murdered, they times feeling is sad.

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