2019 short way fast Hua Shijin surpasses Chinese team to break gold to fight to just just began continuously

It is to encounter controversy is sentenced punish, it is to fail behead wins one gold, the Sofia short talk that Beijing time ends 10 days late fast Hua Shijin is surpassed, chinese team is taking 3 silver the achievement of 1 copper and regret receive an official. March toward the first pace of Beijing Olympic Winter Games, the expression of the team shows stagger a bit. 佛山夜网论坛River of auspicious of the Song Dynasty of reporter of China News Service photographs team of relay of man of ” / China to be in the match. (The data pursues) river of auspicious of the Song Dynasty of reporter of China News Service is photographed in fact, such regret once was being performed before New Year. Be in the Chinese team of the rest and reorganization after smooth prosperous Olympic Winter Games at that time, did not expedite player of total main force to enter Montreal life bright and beautiful contest, harvest 1 silver finally 3 copper, there is gold enter an item in an account first after world bright and beautiful was surpassed 2007. However this meaning that Ci Shijin surpasses compares a not to be named on the same day with with the photograph a year ago, in experience enter Beijing winter after the first of abstruse cycle whole sports season passes, each team longs to use a ritzy other have a trial of strength, will examine the result that oneself battle array adjusts. Have Wu Dajing, Fan Kexin finally the Chinese weak point of two generals guard fast slippery team, gave in the exam paper with a difficult splendid speech. No matter be situation be in 500 meters when must, the man that still is shown great expectations 5000 meters of relay, chinese team with highest the stage that receive award just miss the opportunity. Most let a person feel anxious, it is Wu Dajing undoubtedly in the alarmingly dangerous that the man performs in 500 meters of final one act. In the match, the turn path of Korea player Huang Daxian is surmounted, bring about t

wo people to throw a circuit together, after the match begins afresh, appreciably has some of Wu Dajing that get hurt to bend Ju Yajun finally. Of the judgment sentence punish make Wu Dajing and China short fast slippery team is accepted hard. Huang Daxian transcends the action when in tortuous path, whether to form foul still be worth deliberate. But what Wu Dajing says no less than: Forge iron still needs oneself hard, apparent his right now condition is not optimal. As Chinese weak point fast of slippery team get a soldier, a sports season trained in the past not systematic Wu Dajing, in Bencibi the play in contest appears rise and fall. 1000 meters of groups surpass the man in, because he fouls a bureau, pay a copy in the group in 1500 meters of first-run argue again subsequent

ly, without predestined relationship semifinal. Although take the Wu Dajing of match of relay of man giving fight, go all out together with teammate issued a precious silver medal. But with respect to whole character, fail two years continuously behead obtains world bright and beautiful to surpass gold, chinese group good actual strength glides, had been the fact that does not dispute. 3 individual medal that Bencibi surpasses, come from entirely at 500 meters of competition ground, and be in in on Sunday run project, the team is already comprehensive fall. Be in especially woman respect, do not have a player to enter rice and 1500 meters of 1000 final of two projects more. Because be in,this sports season world cup is behaved on contest not beautiful, female team is in traditional advantage project on 3000 meters of relay final rank the 8th, also fail to obtain a Ci Shijin to surpass woman relay take part in the match qualification, in in recent years contest of world bright and beautiful takes part in the match history go up to still be belonged to first. Under photograph comparing, team of old rival Korea continues to consolidating in short way fast the number one position of slippery competition ground, they undertake the whole thing not only on this Ci Shijin contest man project is whole gold, still took the relay champion of heft ponderosity, and with 7 gold be the champion, and the Holand team that Shu Erting and Lu Yijia article present as leading role, as powerful as actual strength Korea group shows the sign of stand up to sb as an equal. Behead wins 3 gold they, rise abruptly on woman project in the round likewise eye-catching. Face so adverse situation, will line of Chinese short line do He Ying to be opposite? Before opening contest early in fact, episcopal Lian Liyan already gave out the answer. Be apart from now the Olympic Winter Games was the first pace only 2022, laughing at final ability only is true overmatch. At present need confidence, calm force mixes Chinese team hold to. Indeed, in the past a sports season advocate the Chinese weak point that lays education newlywed person fast slippery team, the expression on the arena that in the world cup He Shijin surpasses is like person meaning very much. But the team is in what adjust and military successes appears in the process with experienced all previous to rise and fall is normal circumstance likewise. Return home, short way fast the expands to present a spark set the prairie ablaze power of slippery motion. To prepare for war winter abstruse, choose talent, chinese cup short way fast slippery elite surpasses emerge as the times require. Through the development of a sports season, it has become domestic youth Cai Jun to show the arena of brilliance, this second follow team together world of go on an expedition the Sun Long of bright and beautiful contest, Yang Shuai is a among them. alleged, 9 stage, result earth soil. At present team of national assemble for training already the tentative idea according to Li Yan, cent is one, 2, 3 groups reach youth group. Look in her this is a layout of 4 years, especially of youth group hold water, prepare for long-term development just about. Not only such, of famous general king is gotten army cross a bound to cross a speed to skate team of national assemble for training, also be in short way fast blossom at on slippery project many o’clock, the An Kai in the team is in big winter the force in 1500 meters of matches approachs meeting man more a large number of heroes, carry off a gold. Total somebody can beat, why be us? Character of place of Yan of plum of no less than, laughing at final ability is true overmatch. Distance Beijing Olympic Winter Games still has time of 3 years, international competition ground temporarily suffer a defeat, can not show everything, also not be crestfallen reason, because fight,just just begin right now. (Wang Yu) original title: Team of China of bright and beautiful contest loses short way life continuously gold is fastened crestfallen, the battle just just begins responsibility edition: Li Xiaoling

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