The world before international feather couplet ranked Lin Dan to look eventually 2018 is ranked the 13rd

World of final first phase ranked world feather couplet 2018, tian Xiandou ranks the peach of male single Japan the first, shi Yuji dragon of the 2nd a surname the 4th, lin Dan is listed in the 13rd. Famous general of Taipei of female odd China wears Zi Yingbang head, chen Yufei the 4th Hebing charming the 7th, li Xuerui is ranked the 24th. Male pair of Indonesian Ji Diang / first place of tall of Su Kamu Er, li Junhui / Liu Yuchen occupies second place firmly. Female double Chen Qin佛山夜网论坛gchen / Gu Yifan the 5th, bl


essing island of Japan by discipline / An Tiancai is spent the first. Zheng Saiwei / Huang Yaqiong and Wang Yi law / Huang Dongping, hold mix double before two, zhang Nan / Li Yin sunshine the 10th. 2018 achievement of Lin Dan whole not beautiful encounters Chantao Tianxian fights You Nan one round for many times a row a list of names posted up head, the week day of Taipei of the 2nd China becomes Shi Yuji the 3rd, chen Long the 4th. Sun Wanhu of Korea famous general the 5th, danish An Sailong the 6th, indonesian Jintingdi 7. India one Gesilikansidi 8, indonesian small Sujiyatuodi 9, of Japan on the west this fist too the 10th. Lin Dan is ranked the 13rd, the Li Zongwei that applies for to protect a rank the 28th. Dai Ziying of famous general of Taipei of female odd China the name that list a head, of Japan abstruse original hope the 2nd. Laborious Du Disan of India, chen Yufei the 4th, mountain pass of a Japanese famous general alizarin red the 5th, spanish Malindi 6. He Bingjiao the 7th, the Latechanuodi of Thailand 8, neiwaerdi of an Indian famous general 9, zhang Beiwen of famous general of American foreign citizen of Chinese origin the 10th. Platoon of a surname of champion plum snow is in London Olympic Games the 24th. Outspread read: Lin Dan does not have a predestined relationship world feather couplet world of 2018 total final couplet total final will undertake a couplet on December 12 newest 2018 worlds rank a male single Lin Dan discharges Tian Xiandou of the first peach international badminton challenge will begin the 13rd Pu Tian city on November 22 Lin Dan and Chen Long, li Junhui / Liu Yuchen arrange second place, han Chengkai / week Hao Dong the 8th, liu Cheng / Zhang Nan the 10th. Female double Chen Qingchen / Gu Yifan is discharged in the 5th, japan combines blessing island by discipline / An Tiancai is beautiful the first. Mix double Zheng Saiwei / Huang Yaqiong and Wang Yi law / before Huang Dongping is held two, zhang Nan / Li Yin sunshine row the 10th.

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