Cling to Sa conquer graceful couplet Suo Shuai endeavored! Graceful couplet is defeated by a ball to have these a few reasons

[cling to Sa conquer graceful couplet Suo Shuai endeavored! Graceful couplet is defeated by a ball to have these a few reasons] graceful couplet 0-1 loses Yubasa. Looking to be issued by good case, red demon fails to create a miracle. But in light of the process from the match, an incomplete blast graceful couplet can with cling to Sa is the strongest 11 people are kicked had been special so not easy. Come from integral actual strength say, cling to Sa wants really more get the better of one prepare. Considering this battle graceful couplet still took petty gain on physical ability, suo Shuai wants this to be in counterattack of the 2nd bout, should rely on a miracle again. Graceful couplet this field is incomplete blast hit out. Midfield the base of a fruit of horse of two absolutely brunt is strange with Aileiladouyin the injury is short of blast, before the Lashenfude of field just also restores to come over among the condition of an injury from the ankle, including the person such as Lukaku, Maxiaer, Linjiade also is to just be hurt more, condition was not adjusted far optimal. Relative to character, cling to Sa besides the small Lai that ascend shellfish later, did not suffer the worry of injury, baerweide is OK the 11 people with the strongest eduction. From the point of statistic of the technology after contest, graceful couplet was not immersed in the passivity of all fronts. Red demon full-court has shoot 10 times, but shoot without 1. Ba Saquan field has shoot 6 times, have shoot 4 times. Graceful couplet this field is done in midfield bowstring perfectly, did not give cling to the chance with much Sa, give priority to with Mei Xi cling to Sa horror atttacks group of chances with also was not obtained too good, lu of if it were not for is overcome – the Wu Longqiu that be like, graceful couplet this field likelihood and cling to Sa kicks 0-0 to make the same score. BBC says: This advocate field is right blas西安夜生活论坛t cling to Sa, should compare at least last time advocate when occasion multitudes to the bus, kick more betterly. Suo Ersi Ke Yaben field also is to endeavor, the tactics that he institutes also obtained certain result. Because graceful couplet does not have the match last weekend, come on physical ability so say red demon wants Bibasa more hold a dominant position, so the perch of graceful couplet forces grab obtained first-rate result. Basically cut off cling to the connection of the field before Sa is medium, mei Xi’s play also got very big limitation, his full-court did not obtain too good chance. Fred and Mack hold Mi Nai in the palm this field ran 11360 meters, they two it is full-court run among the match use two players with most distance, they not hesitate of physical strength run with force grab, what Rangbasa kicks unusually is afflictive. Graceful couplet for a time attendant go up to still holding a dominant position. But after all before the player of field people just hurt more, condition also was not adjusted optimal, what regret quite so is graceful couplet can not obtain a goal. Overall for, graceful couplet no matter this field is the play of tactics or player it is pretty good. Must approbatory is, graceful couplet go up with endowment on integral actual strength or having certain difference with Barcelona. The graceful couplet that this kind of difference is nowadays and Europe top class the difference of powerful group. Last time graceful couplet advocate field 0-2 is lost at big Paris, the big changeover of unprecedented was finished in guest field. This, the difficulty of changeover of Si Keya of all alone Er even bigger. After all, cling to Sa is not big Paris, they are having more rich Europe coronal experience, they still have Mei Xi. Graceful couplet wants to take the word of a victory in Nuokanpu, suoersikeya still needs a miracle really. But what thing produces football game possibly, won’t think of to go up like who Basahui is in sports season 0-3 loses the quarterfinal among the 2nd bout at Rome same. The whole world thinks Rome does not have any opportunity changeover at that time. Deluoba says: This graceful couplet let me think of the Qieerxi 2012. It is midway is changed likewise handsome, it is injury full battalion likewise. Doesn’t why of Si Keya of all alone Er want to duplicate in those days Qieerxi? But the play power that this needs again and again of Suoersikeya’s magical Europe coronal aureola. Original title: Suo Shua

i endeavored! Graceful couplet incomplete blast work not to break up really cling to Sa counterattack must rely on miracul

ous responsibility editor: Li Xiaoling

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