The poorest grade reviews history of American male basket to talk about unsuccessful reason to the player from the coach

The poorest grade reviews history of American male basket to talk about unsuccessful reason to be in the contest of basketball world cup that China just ends to the player from the coach, team of United States of the champion that defend crown completely discredited, obtain the 7th only, male basket of creation United States is in the world the poorest military successes in the contest, american group undertook think over and be summinged up to this from the coach to team member. Team coach Boboweiji thinks commander team has endeavored, need not the burden is heavy packag东莞夜品茶网e. He says: Did not win gold because of us merely, are we about to feel ashamed? This kind of manner is too absurd, the person that has this kind of idea is not proud, it is immature, because of the person that such wanting special do not respect team that wrestle of other spare no effort kills in the world cup, more the American group that does not value this to endeavor to go all out in work likewise. And the band appearance of the American dream of contest of world of go out for a battle is compared before, starlight of male basket of current United States is bleak, stars o

f a large number of a gleam of of beautiful duty basket always are exited with all sorts of reasons finally, make American team fighting capacity big decrease. With Olympic Games United States is being made an appointment with to take part in the match in 2016 male basket is exemple, american group gives fight at that time 12 will medium, 9 people had had the experience that selected complete star surpasses, and in the team of current world cup, only 2 people are to go up the complete star player of sports season. Nevertheless star division compares group of person of lake of Qian Luosha Ji not to think giant star absent brings about American line troops to defeat a world cup. He says: Not be to say other team is pursu

eing American line on the world, however a lot of team are tightened early caught up with the pace of American team, had formed a challenge to American team. The most arrogant player that calculates you to think came, they should accept a challenge euqally, the tournament is very won’t relaxed. Wh whoever comes, win a ball possibly, lose a ball possibly also. 1992 the times of the supports a dream then group of Barcelona Olympic Games, had ended. Division comparing says. Had attended the division of Beijing Olympic Games was compared 2008 should have right to speak very much, be opposite in final of male at that time basket in that match of a Spanish team, the star ever also was forced get in a frantic rush by Spanish team like the American team of the cloud. The American team forward, Barnes that at present effectiveness overcomes sliding door to ask kingly group at Sa expresses, this second contest is very much team plays a ball game special whole, this is the defective part of American team. Barnes says: If you watched the game of these team carefully, you can discover they have very dozen of law of the system, their player knows what he is doing, and these players had adjusted 5 years together or 6 years, longer even time, american team does not do such whole for certain on aggression. We threw time and energy, we sacrificed very much individual lives, be far from the family, club that is far from ourselves, although do not have a result, but we endeavored, it doesn’t matter can regret. Barnes says. Nevertheless, still have team member special to the result care. Suffer a defeat let a person cannot be accepted, this kind experiences me this won’t forget all one’s life. Indiana pedestrian team center is special offer says. On the Tokyo Olympic Games of next year, american male basket will set foot on the journey that defend crown again. Although the star of beautiful duty basket can take the Olympic Games seriously quite, but from male basket of United States of this one world cup establish a process to look, whether recruit is a country to more big shop sign effectiveness is a difficult problem really. Walker of person group star says American team rear guard, Kaierte: Say the Olympic Games still is vogue now early, but my individual is willing to attend for certain, one when can make American group makes world contest very interesting, I am willing to start over again. ( of reporter Wang Ji) original title: American male basket reviews editor of world cup responsibility: Li Xiaoling

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