Center viewpoint name criticizes male basket of China of detail of Wang Zhelin of Allan of Zhou Qi Guo to suffer a defeat reason

Center viewpoint name criticizes male basket of China of detail of Wang Zhelin of Allan of Zhou Qi Guo to suffer a defeat channel of reason CCTV news ” news weekly ” male basket of column criticism China; When the bishop drills Li Nan accepts sports channel to interview, say Zhou Qi serves sure late on September 15, basketball world cup fell in 5 loose gymnasium 2019 next big screen, spanish team defeats Argentine team, the peak of world of 13 years of regain is lain between when. When Spanish male basket celebrates joyously a victory, the discharge that serves as current world cup takes on, chinese male basket becomes a netizen to heat up the object that discuss on gregarious media again. Because compere white cliff loosens to go up in CCTV news channel Saturday ” news weekly ” be opposite in the column male basket of team member and the China such as Zhou Qi, Guo Ailun, Wang Zhelin call-overs criticism, before if center viewpoint name criticizes Wang Zhelin of Allan of Zhou Qi Guo, the problem ascends those who heat up search a list of names posted up 10. Broadcast last weekend in CCTV sports channel ” baske

tball the Christian era ” in the column, chinese male basket advocate Shuai Linan faces camera lens to state apologize is mixed publicly self-condemned while, male to China also basket undertook in the expression of current world cup answer dish, li Nan weighs Zhou Qi to serve sure. Search a list of names posted up is heated up on tierce, male basket becomes discharge to take on the world cup rings down the curtain, chinese male basket is ranked in 32 all team the 24th, iranian team defeats in lying between empty argue, without the predestined relationship direct Tokyo Olympic Games. Door mouth fights, occupy support of the people of climate favourable geographical position, such expression and achievement I am sorry really the expectation of the outside. Late on September 2, chinese male basket is surpassed the 2nd round in the group come with polish team hassle the contest when adding, however because oneself is successive elementary error loses, this lets fan of millions upon millions China feel indeed indissoluble and regret. The Wang Shipeng of explanation honored guest is held the position of in platform of some direct seeding, when summing up the match, choke up with sobs, then, zhou Qi serves before error and Wang Shipeng cried to

ascend hot search a list of names posted up inside contest hind short time 5. Late on September 8, chinese male basket discharges a contest in last in not enemy Nigeria male basket. Because get the better of the inferior position of cent completely, chinese male basket is backward on the rank Iranian male basket, without the predestined relationship direct Tokyo Olympic Games. After contest before long, yi Jianlian too spell a list of names posted up of search of the heat that ascend a top, yao Ming cried before with Guo Allan condition two topics also discharge a list of names posted up of the search that take heat 10. After the travel that ends a world cup, chinese male basket undertook simple interior is summed up, subsequently on the spot is disbanded, fan people the look also changes other world to powerful group and knockout gradually. Nevertheless, of CCTV call-over the heat topic that criticism lets Chinese male basket make gregarious medium again. No matter be from NBA Sha feather and the Zhou Qi that return, still be in domestic league matches is bright red big violet Guo Ailun, Wang Zhelin, do not have the actual strength of hand wrestling of as powerful as the world group. Reciprocal first penalty shot hits the target rate, reciprocal 3 minutes of balls of the 4th score a hit rate, powerful group of the Chinese team of weakness of this basic skill and world goes gradually gradually far. What Bai Yan loosens is biting comment on the resonance that causes countless fan. Answer dish integral expression, li Nan has level bear also evasive door mouth fights, fail to finish the job, really special and regretful, feel special apologize namely additionally. When accepting a reporter to interview, li Nan says frankly, disappoint basket assist and the expectation of whole basketball bound to Chinese male basket and oneself, especially to broad fan, team did not enter the Olympic Games directly, also be very big to the harm of fan. I feel special pity, very self-condemned also. According to Introduction Li Nan, after will playing last game on September 8, whole group attended a meeting an in-house summary in the staying hotel of Guangzhou, everybody expressed the view to this match, because the match just ended at that time, just think of where says, a lot of people had not gone from inside the shadow, include me inside. On September 9, whole group on the spot is disbanded, major team member returns Beijing, the drill team that heads with Li Nan and partial group my wife person, to basket assist relevant controller undertook be reportinged simply. In CCTV sports channel ” basketball the Christian era ” in the column, the focal topic that Li Nan also cares with respect to numerous fan undertook be respondinged to one by one. Topic the reason that 1 China male basket suffers a defeat? Li Nan: I feel is our results above all, carry the game of the world cup, fight in door mouth especially, everybody stood very great pressure, arrive from drill team team member, we should complete a race in pressure. Between whole process, team appeared a few rise and fall and fluctuate, I feel to have team member people the reason of oneself actual strength, also saw additionally, when the development existing state of affairs of altar of goal of this age group, not be us really in the imagination in that way. Especially partial Europe team, although we attended NBA summer league matches this summer, but progress of team of Europe of overall feeling part is very rapid, this also is our very big gains. A lot of team member are to enter intercontinental sex, cosmopolitan contest for the first time. I feel, enter world contest this along with the team, for the development of career of whole to them basketball, it is first-rate experience. Wil东莞夜网论坛l tell to my individual, it is first time drills with the bishop the identity guides team to attend a world cup likewise. Although the Olympic Games, world bright and beautiful has attended a lot of times to surpass before me, but it is to serve as team member and trainer, in drilling with the bishop the identity participates in his truly, this is first time, this experience also is very precious to me. Topic 2 pairs of a Poland serve error Li Nan: To the 2nd match, tell the truth, we prepared a lot of difficulty. Everybody cannot think of really, opening bureau phase than the sports meet so successful, can be in the first to precede 10 minutes. We also were not loosened after precede, thinking generally nevertheless, we can take this next competitions. After the other side chases after score, the match is entered ankylose condition, what true finally direct ratio goes all out is the processing capability of contest experience and crucial ball. Special regrettablly, 7 seconds still are preceding finally, we however play away the match. Actually, it is so experienced that we train at ordinary times (serve) , before us also drilling cooperates this too, so I feel, zhou Qi serves sure. Actually, team member people the decision that implementing drill team all the time. We are considering at that time, zhou Qi’s height suits to serve, be in 4 additionally in the player, of whole of week fine jade it is some easier to pass a ball to want, can influence the condition on observation field. Topic is choose and employ persons of 3 drills team reasonable? Li Nan: Every support every train of team, oneself face the guiding ideology of field, also want to need choose and employ persons according to team additionally. This world cup, the likelihood has American male basket to had had the case that 11 people come on stage entirely only. Especially very main competition, choose and employ persons more want discretion, we play 5 games that spend, every are very important, basic it is 9 to 10 individual rotate, I feel already enough. Everybody is asking the likelihood, discussing, why need not Ke Lanbai is overcome. Because be in our groovy battle array, it is Zhou Peng and Di Xiaochuan all the time in cycle, the warm up before this is surpassed, ke Lanbai gram also did not come on the stage too much opportunity. After Zhou Peng was hurt, we also worry about the condition problem that Ke Lanbai overcomes. So, after Di Xiaochuan orders end this, we can go up occasionally Abudousha pulls wood, can go up occasionally Zhao Rui. Need according to team namely actually, without other reasons, too much perhaps and other argument. Will 4 bishops practice come to the topic what course to follow? Li Nan: As me for, team is defeated a ball, episcopal practice affirms difficult demit its blame. What I feel I need to do is the reason summary that suffers a defeat team in the match comes out. I what place is done badly, what place is done well, what place can be done weller, my individual needs to go to this summing up, I can be in charge of at the same place to this. Team was defeated a ball, episcopal experienced runout, have nothing to do with with this match, I feel that I cannot be done so, this is not actual also, this also is not me. I still want to answer all match little afresh look, want answer dish. We hope to pass answer dish, found this 7 seconds to give what issue after all truly, after all because of these 7 seconds, affected integral taxi is angry at the back of team. Team is in at ordinary times in training, need avoids the happening of similar case through what kind of method, go finding a problem, find the method that solves a problem at the same time. To me, this is the most important thing. Special subject writes civil / original title of Xu Bangyin of reporter of new capital newspaper: Center viewpoint name criticizes responsibility of Zhou Qi, Guo Ailun, Wangzhe forest to edit: Li Xiaoling

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