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In the evening, the leaf loves lotus general east wing-room is cleared away come out to live to Leng Mei. Wing-room does not have kang east, bed of a piece of wood was put inside, there is a thick straw on bedplate, seat of a piece of bamboo was laid on straw piece, bamboo banquet piece on spread a piece most probably new hand-woven cloth bedspread, the head of a bed is putting the quilt of one bed white, also have most probably new. Oil lamp of Xie Ailian persistence brings Leng Mei in the room, say: “Plum, do you see this room return satisfaction not? If what be short of, although you start to talk, become from height home same, do not feel embarrassed. ” the place that can have a stay already very satisfactory, still be so good room what is more,the rather that, leng Mei is touched so that heat up a tear to be filled with the socket of eye, say again and again: “Thank aunt, this is already very good, whats have, what be short of. What be short of..

“Good, you are certain tired also, breakfast rests, I went. ” on desk of a piece of before Xie Ailian is saying to put oil lamp in the bed young timber, say, “Had closed the door in the evening. ” say to go outside, walk along a doorway to had turned round to exhort again, “Tomorrow morning you need not rise early, sleep well shut-eye, cook good breakfast I call you. ” Leng Mei’s tears in eyes is in orbit revolve, she is being controlled hard do not let tear fall down, nod gently.

The Liu Chunyang that was used to terrestrial ice and snow lies on soft bed, sensation tear stops not the dwelling place flows outside. If the past of one act act emerges to come at the moment like tidewater, have the joy of childhood; Have abasement miserable ” Tartarean ” the life; A thousand li puts in domestic hesitation ‘s charge; Have those who be forced to leave home is helpless and do not abandon; Have leave home the endure the hardships of an arduous journey on the road. And she is how lucky! Be unexpected rescued from a desperate situation meets kind-hearted Home Xian Yuyi, how does she want ability to repay this deep like the sea loving-kindness? ! The Liu Chunyang that experienced too much affliction still did not learn callosity, she again this night that tragedy also touchs so that be in a complete mess in her is planted laid a seed!

The peak makes rich the village is one does not calculate old village, 3 annulus hill, vast level the land is among, although do not calculate,going up is a wide expanse of flat land, but the food that vast land gave a peasant family to earn a living, tough long time is alled over in bodies of the starved, a person did not die because of hunger here, calculate going up is terrestrial heaven. The village has two families, the house of most other people is top of wooden fence cogongrass, every family has a courtyard that uses fence inclose. Raise in the courtyard have chicken, those who raise a dog is few, making is the cause that hates to part with commissariat, those who raise a cattle is quite much, fodder is very much with one’s shoulder to collar with one’s shoulder to collar. There is a creek below the foot of a hill, brook water all the year round is ceaseless, brook water is the hill spring that comes out from hill, upper reaches surrounded a pond of 3 meters of square, use as draft, wash rinse to brush uniform in downstream.

Jiang Lengmei likes the place like this a haven of peace very much, the hill here, water here lets her feel kind, especially the warmth of person of Home Xian Yuyi lets her once frozen heart anabiosises gradually, cause the enthusiasm that gives opposite work. This is her the 10th day when come to Xian Yujia, she is washing the dress of the family happily in brook edge. Transient now and then villager greets sb friendlily with her, the villager people do not know Leng Mei is flee from a calamity so far Gu daughter; A when Xian Yujia says Leng Mei is their home external shirttail kin, and the villager people the understanding in the heart is the wife that Shang Wen will come to. That boy is opposite no wonder Shang Wen all round villatic girl disinclination, original other people has intimate friend early — Jiang Lengmei is Zhen Jun!

“Leng Mei, i… I will help you wash, eat lunch quickly. ” the sound that transmits Shangwenlue to show nervousness abruptly after one’s death. Leng Mei has turned round, see Xianyu Shangwen stands hurriedly on the bank, the finger across of two hands is folded before the bosom, ceaseless quake will be moved. This or Shang Wen talk actively 10 days to Leng Mei for the first time, the look that Leng Mei sees him is very strange, can’t help feeling puzzled, “Shangwenge, you how? Where is uncomfortable? ” pitiful Leng Mei struggles in the brim of life and death all the time, down to 21 years old still do not know the world the most magical the best love why content. The appearance of Shang Wen be affectedly bashful is unscrambled to be by her actually uncomfortable, shang Wen at that time head ” buzz ” one noise, do not know how to should reply. Mutter to oneself a short while, he just says: “Without. I see you wash so much dress namely, quite painstaking. Quite painstaking..

“Not painstaking, not painstaking! Be washed immediately, you go back first. ” Leng Mei says.

The sunshine of ante meridiem passes through the clearance between the willow minor details with green full meaning of brook both sides to shoot brook base, sway the light that gives remote in time or space of shake from side to side, brook water becomes variegated immediately, extremely beautiful. Leng Mei’s pink shadow swings to swing in water, swing the dimple that circuit encircles. Shang Wen looks slow-wittedly, garment of much more beautiful wash of a beauty pursues! He walks along Leng Mei cannot refrain fromingly beside crouch, take the dress of a white to wash. His absent-mindedly is kneading the dress, crazy crazy ground is looking at the eye brook water.

“Shangwenge, you still go back. ” Leng Mei ” sneer sneer ” laughing. Shang Wen has answered a god to come, see Leng Mei see the clothes that washing in the hand again, also can’ted help laughing. The dress of a white was washed by him color of color of loess, so he goes up in slimy ground knead, and the one feet far that the clean stone of rub dress lies by the dress leisurely however.

This laughs alleviated awkward atmosphere, two people cooperated very quickly to wash the dress happily, shang Wen is being grabbed mention the barrel that holds the dress, one before one after returned the home. Return the home, shang Wen is helping Leng Mei sun clothes again. The leaf that cooks in kitchen room loves the son that lotus sees sun clothes in the courtyard, can’t help alarmed and happy. Her this baby son when such diligent pass! Look have show. She decides to look for a son to talk in the evening, if the son liked to do the thing with respect to breakfast, she waits held grandchildren in the arms to be able to wait a few years. As to Leng Mei over there, she was not only of the heart, she the reason that the Gu daughter that a nowhere can go to does not have disapprobation, her son matchs she is more than sufficient. Xie Ailian ases if saw big grandchildren like happy, added a dish excitedly again.

“Shang Wen, you this year 20 years old, the village is the same as you are general some became big child father, should you consider the issue of consideration marriage? ” dim lamp illumination loves lotus furrow stagger in the leaf on the face, those who illuminate an one face is anxious. The sexagesimal on the horse person, still can live a few years, the shadow that connects grandchildren however did not see, not can urgent?

Xianyu Shangwen understands maternal meaning, but he is intended dissimulate: “Marry? With who to marry? ” the leaf loves lotus general dish the leg on kang closes toward approach, the upper part of the body is gone to son the bend there bend, look up again the way that sees a window — actually, she sees this redundant, somebody is outside the window eavesdrop, she is invisible also; Black curtain blocks closely not leak — just say in a low voice: “Do you see Leng Mei how? I see this child had been held out, sensible diligent, grow good-lookingly still, it is some feebler, raise nevertheless raise fat also rose. The key is she does not have a married woman’s parents’ home, later you also save worry some. ” the appearance that Xie Ailian’s psychology compares her apparently is astute.

Shang Wen does not have too much surprise, he is to like Leng Mei, but he had not wanted to marry so quickly; He very the feeling that enjoys the sort of having an affair with, think of Leng Mei can do his wife at any time actually, he is a bit disgruntled instead. The man does not like the thing that gets too easily in the main, the achievement feeling that conquered repeatedly is done not have. Since the mother put forward, he likes again, object appearing to appear argumentative again; He says his one’s innermost thoughts and feelings impossibly with the mother again, that is to say she also may not understands. Xianyu Shangwen is forced to say: “I listen to mom, you are looked at do. ” Xie Ailian thinks the son will be very glad originally, did not think of he is appearance of a pair of not cold lukewarm unexpectedly, how does the thing midday explain? But she felt relieved very quickly again, she knows her son, when has he had rapturous expression, perhaps Li Zhengle wears the heart, feel embarrassed expression comes out. Then, she stands up, say; “I go saying with Leng Mei. “I go saying with Leng Mei..

Xie Ailian followed the husband to say the son agreed in him room first. Xianyu Duankang nature is very glad, the agog mood that he looks forward to to hold grandchildren in the arms compares wife go even farther than; Disobedient have 3, after notting have, be big, he can not think Xian Yujia is in his son this generation with respect to never to be seen again, in that way, he goes also cannot be being explained to row Zu Liezong in the nether regions. Good now, the son should get married, is grandchildren still met far?

“Plum, do you see us to you how? ” Xie Ailian is done not have without preamble, adopt circuitous tactics however. “Ah? ! ” does Leng Mei think Xie Daniang asks meaning why? She dials lampwick with fingernail, smiling to say, “You kiss dad to my comparing close woman is not bad, I am not had however with redound, i… “

“The child, what is answered not of redound, these words were not told later. ” on the young timber stool before Xie Ailian sits in the bed, contain expectation ground to looking at Leng Mei completely, “Plum, do you see Shang Wen’s person how? Do you see Shang Wen’s person how??

Leaf of cold Mei Ting loves lotus to ask so, remember abruptly by day act of Shang Wen blazing, although she had not talked about love to also had not considered marriage; But she is intentional feeling, the circumstance before sees recombine, she understands Xie Ailian’s meaning. How to say? She is fed up with to Shang Wen, but love is cannot say. She knows is not Shang Wen bad, however the reason of herself. Because of her special experience, subconscious li of repulsion all males. But if,she knows celibate all the time, she lives the conference is hardlier; Besides, this family is very good really to her, what she is willing to use her is all go repaying them.

“Shangwenge is very good. ” Leng Mei says gently.

“I see your bonze article hold out match, you had been together, good? ” Xie Ailian goes around in circles no longer.

What can Leng Mei still say, she nods gently, be agreed. Xie Ailian is very glad, say: “Since you agreed, carried a wedding day to do the thing, your bonze article is not little, a lot of with you general big have the child. ” Leng Mei laughs to Xie Ailian, clever ground says: “I listen to aunt. ” Xie Ailian looks at Leng Mei’s clever appearance, send more like, jokingly: “How to still call wife of father’s elder brother? Should call mom. ” mouth of cold plum close lightly laughs, roll the head bashfully behind went. Love lotus breaths out the leaf to with a ha laughing to say, “Oh, bashful, good, I went, you sleep earlier. ” saying to go.

Liu Chunyang did not have the life that thinks of her to have so big change so quickly, she does not know this glad to return it is this sadness. She remembers the mother sends her to go that day in the evening, if saying to her outside the village, call her to look for a good man to build a family, just do not know Xianyu Shangwen is a good man. If the mother knows she was about so quickly to get married, can you feel very gratified? Think of a mother, chun Yang’s heart is convulsive, not how does rhizome of wind-weed kiss? Is she not bad?

When she is thinking a mother, an Xiuji walks along the end of life quickly already, she is lying in cough of the acutely on kang, expectorate blood is increasing. Her disease is be gone urgent that day by capture from threshing floor in Chun Yang fire attack heart is attacked those who come out, later dead aggravate of Liu Zhengfang the development of the illness. After Chun Yang puts in the home ‘s charge accidentally, her some more pleasurable, illness it may not be a bad idea a lot of; Who knows Chun Yang by interrogate, she one urgent, the body broke down thoroughly, it is she is concealed very well all the time only. The firm body that Chun Yang goes to to also did not discover the mother is maintained by force actually already the disease is not curable. After Jiang Chunyang sends, because An Xiuji longs for Chun Yang, the illness is more and more serious. She does not fear Chun Yang does not live outside, once so miserable life she came down alive, can you still have more miserable than that? ! Want Chun Yang to think she is living only, she is met living. She understands Chun Yang to love to hers, chun Yang won’t make her disappointed. Think of here, her labial horn slowly a brings blood smile since float, definitely absolutely and certainly.

Liu Chunyang, oh, not, she is Liu Chunyang no longer, she is Jiang Lengmei. The Jiang Lengmei of the son’s wife that is about to become Xian Yujia falls on the quilt, close an eye to experiencing the summer of a mountainous area night cool, her tear flows soundlessly ah stream. Did not cry again later, she says to oneself in the heart.

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