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Wingceltis and pluvial tung

“Elder sister, you wait me a moment, I went to be not moved. I went to be not moved..

The lip that pluvial tung freezes so that empurple is pulling a voice to cry crying, cry at the same time, cry at the same time.

“Elder sister, I went to be not moved, you wait me a moment. You wait me a moment..

? This kind cries call, let wingceltis can hear lingering sound in sleep.

Pluvial tung, have gentleman heart disease as a child, this kind is ill, cannot take too much route, walk along 10 paces lip to empurple, the face is paly. Asthma does not come over, stop with respect to need rest. Or is carrying the travel before her on the back with respect to the person beside need.

Pluvial tung is 5 years old, wingceltis is 8 years old. At this moment the body of pluvial ketone is very light, every sky learns the wingceltis on the road to be able to help pluvial tung up, the hand that pulling pluvial phoenix tree and tung tree walks on sinuate alley.

Classes are over on the road that come back, collect plum together, have bamboo shoot. The wingceltis in the autumn climbs Shi Ya to seam in go pulling potherb, tung letting rain is in next is in to help collect.

Dan Yutong most the wet that those who be afraid of is in the winter, this is seasonal, the weather is too cold, can not move a step simply to making the pluvial phoenix tree and tung tree of heart disease, every walk along a few paces to also need a back, helping her up to also cannot go.

Every arrive rain, on the road of campus particularly slippery, meet brow, mud road, like touching bit of rainwater to resemble rink, walk to slip downward. A lot of times wingceltis was carrying pluvial tung on the back to roll Kuang from the Tian Jian edge of brow below. Falling is mud all over. The quarrelling sound of wingceltis, pluvial tung neighs the heart cracks lobar cry, on the road of campus resound is worn.

Still want to come to pluvial tung uprear afterwards, the cautious back of one pace is worn he visits the school.


Imperceptible, this kind of years went pluvial tung 9 years old. At this moment wingceltis busy move rises junior high,

Pluvial tung of 9 years old is right for wingceltis, the body resembles pile also pile immobile stone. She also is carried on the back again do not move her.

Also do not have again to her before the sort of patience, want to hear the cry of pluvial tung only. Is wingceltis tongue-lashed? “Must not cry, you cry dead. ” but be scolded more, her cry is greater. Wingceltis eventually the heart below firm comes, throw pluvial tung to the road, also paid no attention to without giving thought to, oneself run in the past school that the individual gallops. It is the yelp that pluvial tung rips a heart to crack lung rear. “? Elder sister, you wait me a moment, I went to be not moved. I went to be not moved..

“Elder sister, you wait for me, I went to be not moved. I went to be not moved..

Wingceltis head also is not answered, wiping tear at the same time, rush in past school at the same time, when getting on for classroom doorway, a tear that she exerts all her strength is dry.

Sit of rain cry call is worn with respect to the resound in the brain in him, ? “Elder sister, I went to be not moved, elder sister, I went to be not moved. ” ? Think consider is worn. Tear begins to fall downward again. She is inexorable the sound of teacher lecture, what resound wears is pluvial tung cry call.

9 years old are a disaster of pluvial tung, be dying. Wingceltis why does not know, her of shake heart is very painful like the cry that she rips a heart to crack lung then very painful. But she is helpless really, her back does not move pluvial phoenix tree and tung tree, the back does not move her, she is too heavy. She is inferior to transient person, see the spit phoenix tree and tung tree in the cry bitterly on the road, total somebody can carry her on the back one Cheng, perhaps carry her one Cheng, that one semester, pluvial tung stops in the back back of stranger in stopping, walk over. And that individual that wingceltis became look on with a critical eye.

Run every time after the classroom sat, she is in the miserable condition that envisioning pluvial tung, can she visit the school? Can she encounter risk? Is she still crying? In case did disease break out how does she do? Want a lot of times to develop a classroom to carry pluvial tung on the back to the school again. Wanting to return is go no further, her true back is not moved. Think consider is worn tear blurred the handwriting of book, see the hand of the teacher on not clear blackboard.

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