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“Xiaoning, how do you return a responsibility with Liu Shen? ” Xie Qing looks up look at all over the sky sky, the after-thought in the head is worn a moment ago Liu Xiaomei’s word, feeling Jian Ning follows Liu Shen from beginning to end is common friend not simply so simple.

“How to return a responsibility, meet again after a long separation just, I follow him is common friend only. ” the meaning that Jian Ning knows foliaceous fine word, subsequently she laughs, mood is answering her insipidly.

Xie Qing rises the station is before Jian Ning, look at her with the eye that examine next, if she believes she says, but she does not believe Liu Shen. “Xiaoning, you go magazine company interview, does Liu Shen know not to know beforehand? You do not feel of your interview some are too successful, the resume that just sends in the evening before today, lay between a day to be admitted in the morning. Lay between a day to be admitted in the morning..

“You say so, it is strange to still have a place really, I will ask him tomorrow, did not know. ” Jian Ning says, after-thought she received a telephone call that day, go the issue that magazine company reports, it is some feel strange.

“Tell the truth actually, liu Shen is much stronger than Zhuo Hang, just meet two months with you, it is good to him himself to be compared to you, if he is right really you are interesting, you are cherished well, hold well. ” Xie Qing most do not be at ease below, it is emotional problem of Jian Ning. She hopes than who, she can have a good a home to return to, won’t resemble on one paragraph of feeling in that way, hurt black and bluely.

Jian Ning hears Xie Qing’s word, hold her hand, laugh to her next. It is good that she knows she is for her, but emotive thing, not be to say to hope she is together with who, be together with who, if the feeling is done not have to him in the heart, how won’t that feel happy constrainedly again.

“Time is not early, we go back. ” Jian Ning rises the hand that pulling Xie Qing, take the car such as roadside.

“Xiaoning, hello, I send you to go back. ” Liu Shen calls nearby Jian Ning, made acoustical call with the Xie Qing on the side next.

Xie Qing sees Jian Ning is a little hesitant, turn the head laughs to Liu Shen, saying with him. “That bothers you. ” say, pulling the cart on the Jian Ning on the side.

No matter Jian Ning is right land is deep what idea, so late, downwind car sits, do not sit in vain.

Xie Qing looks at the Liu Shen of front seat, say an address with him, let him send her first designedly next, she can not want to make their two bulb.

In the Jian Ning on the side, turn the head looks to the window outside, do not know how, she always feels those who blame atmosphere is a little odd. Because a moment ago talked about Liu Shen’s thing with Xie Qing,be probably, just feel a little strange to blame so.

Meet too, liu Shen parks the car in the village doorway that Xie Qing says, fine waiting for a leaf walks into a village, he just opens motor-car tune to leave.

“Xiaoning, be to say to commute receive by me send? How to differ afternoon did I go? ” Liu Shen saw the Jian Ning in eye rearview mirror, a moment ago he wants to ask her, it is Xie Qing only in some inconvenience.

“I follow Xie Qing they agree to have a meal together, just did not wait for you so. ” if not be Liu Shen,remind, be afraid she had forgotten, he accepts the business that sends her to commute.

Liu Shen hears Jian Ning’s word, come off work afternoon he sees she is not in magazine company, think she is not to want to let him send her to come home, just go early intentionally. “Xiaoning, interview afternoon, zhuo Hang did not embarrass you. Zhuo Hang did not embarrass you..

He just read the cover magazine that Zhuo Hang films with Han Tong, just know Liuyuan lets Jian Ning persuade Zhuo Hang to promise filmed work.

He thinks back to the look that Jian Ning sees Zhuo Hang is sad midday, he feels to feel distressed, if he comes back a bit earlier to look for her, she need not persuade Zhuo Hang to promise to film, also do not have later interviewed.

“Without. ” Jian Ning looks up the Liu Shen that looks at front seat, do not understand why he can ask her this.

“Xiaoning, no matter have what thing, I am beside you. ” Liu Shen says so, because he knows,be, no matter she has what thing, can put in the heart only, won’t tell him this friend.

Jian Ning hears Liu Shen’s word, desire the appearance that character stops again. She is thinking otherwise wants to say with him, she promises Zhuo Hang the thing of a condition, subsequently she thinks, the decision does not tell him first, because she does not think,let him worry for her.

Meet too, liu Shen parks the car in small courtyard doorway, he looks at Jian Ning’s back, do not rise by some concern in the heart, after he is afraid that she saw a few times with Zhuo Hang, can old affection resume combustion.

He hopes she can get happiness, what hope she gets more is happy, he gives, is not Zhuo Hang those who give.

Liu Shen looks at the small courtyard before, made a decision secretly in the heart, subsequently he launchs a car, tune leaves.

Jian Ning lies on the bed, begin to rise crankily, she is abrupt some are confused rise, she should maintain a friend to concern with Liu Shen, still be should closer one pace.

Want to say she does not have a feeling to Liu Shen, feel to have a feeling again, want to say she does not like Liu Shen, feel some like again. Can have feeling, be pregnant obviously joyous, why to often feel to follow him impossible.

Because she parts company with Zhuo Hang,be, don’t still have delay to come over? Already can pass 7 years, how can do not have delay to come over, what reason is that after all?

Jian Ning is thinking so, sighed in the heart subsequently, without giving thought to what reason, what emotive thing still arranges its nature is good.

One big early, jian Ning is put in the mobile phone on ark of the head of a bed, desperately rang, she brushs the eye that has not waked up, take a mobile phone to press receive listen to key.

“Learn elder sister, I sent a car to receive you, go climbing together. ” before Han Tong stands in the French window of the hotel, look at nearby high buildings and large mansions, area area smiles saying with her in the phone.

“Good. ” Jian Ning is a little confused and confused, did not hear Qing Hantong’s word, promised her.

Han Tong heard Jian Ning to agree, have some of glad ring off, multiply another number subsequently, dial the past.

Jian Ning climbs from the bed, the appearance with one very grouchy face is changing the clothes, be made a noise early to wake greatly, who to change who will be glad!

“Xiaoning, rose so early, as it happens helps me prepare breakfast together. ” brief Mom is placing bowl chopsticks, look at early rise Jian Ning, have some of open-eyed look.

Jian Ning answered, it is good to walk along toilet to wash gargle, it is good to help brief Mom next it is soya-bean milk, good to place breakfast, call brief pa to come out to have breakfast.

She just took an in part, the mobile phone in the pocket rang, she watched mobile phone screen, press receive listen to key.

“Learn elder sister, ready? Car waiting for you in the doorway, fast come out. Fast come out..

“Wait for me? What to do? ” Jian Ning resembling is to break like was being recalled, forgot completely to a moment ago promised Han Tong’s work.

“Go climbing together, you a moment ago were not to had promised me. You a moment ago were not to had promised me..

“Oh, I come out immediately. ” brief Ning Yin remembered about, she a moment ago seemed to promise Han Tong what work.

Jian Ning drank a soya-bean milk, rise to take a package, follow brief father next brief Mom said, walk out of small courtyard directly.

The peaceful beck of agent Xiang Jian on the car, she opens the door knowingly get on a car, she looks at the agent on, desire the appearance that character stops again.

She is to want to ask agent, where is Han Tong to wait for her, when she can asking the question last since after-thought, her reaction, abandoned asking her.

Meet too, before baby-sitter car stops in circumference to spend a hill near false hotel, jian Ning is looked at nearby, waiting for her Han Tong, follow in agent back to get off next.

“Learn elder sister, today on the weekend, just I am free again, call you to come out to climb so, learn elder sister to won’t mind. ” Han red a suit recreational outfit dresses up, an elegant long hair, be blown gently by gentle breeze, the sneaker of color of on the foot one double blank, showing she is big legginess advantage.

Jian Ning looks at the Han Tong before, in the heart not by deep feeling rises, no matter where goddess goes to, no matter how dress up, it is goddess.

“Won’t, it is OK that you call me Xiaoning, make learn elder sister to appear unripe cent. ” be in actually C is big, when Han Tong promises to help her give love letter, she regards her as friend.

Had passed 7 years now, they are returned can meet again, also be lot.

Han Tong hears Jian Ning’s word, with the smile of fascia type, laugh to her, pulling her hand next, the edge walks along an edge to saying.

“I still like to call you to learn elder sister, so a bit kinder, learn elder sister to be able to call me Han Tong, also can call me to learn younger sister. Also can call me to learn younger sister..

“Good. ” Jian Ning looks at the scenery all round hill, take out watch for a chance from the bag next, took beautiful view.

In the Han Tong behind, see Jian Ning is taking a picture attentively, go in nearby kiosk, sit to wait for her.

The assistant on the side sees state, take out ready cate to follow beverage, had placed one by one, stand in Han red back next, look at the scenery of far.

Meet too, jian Ning looks at him to take good picture, go gladly in kiosk, sit opposite Han Tong, sharing oneself to take good picture with her.

Han Tong is translating a photograph at the same time, at the same time complimentary Jian Ning. Subsequently her look decides case to be before building of C old teacher and student, zhuo Hang follows a professor close according to on, although the Zhuo Hang on the photograph low head, but she or can clear resolution give him to come.

Han Tong looks up look at the Jian Ning on, in the heart not by some glad to rise, subsequently she a photograph in camera is reductive answer the first piece, hand the Jian Ning on.

Look she still likes Zhuo Hang, or the picture that also won’t take Zhuo Hang secretly, put in camera, do not wish to expunge.

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