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Jian Ning looks at the Han Tong on cover, besides gutty besides queenly feeling, still one kind is like the feeling that ever was acquainted, but she is unable to call to mind to see Guo Hantong where, it is time probably too long, just be unable to call to mind so.

“How, does brief young lady know Han Tong? ” the Han Tong that chief editor sees Jian Ning looks at cover to go up is bemused, think she knows Han Tong.

Jian Ning shakes his head, according to the facts answering him. “Do not know, it is some are like only ever was acquainted. It is some are like only ever was acquainted..

‘ put aside put aside ‘ subsequently, the somebody outside the door knocks, the person outside chief editor face each other said to be entered please, the person outside the door pushs the door to walk into.

“Chief editor, do you look for me? ” that person goes to the side of Jian Ning, saw Jian Ning, subsequently, look to chief editor appearance of one face interrogative.

“Laoli, I introduce to you, this is newcome cameraman Jian Ning. Brief young lady, this is Laoli, laoli worked a lot of years in magazine company, it is the old person of magazine company. ” chief editor introduced to them each other.

Jian Ning is listening, look up saw the Laoli on the side, rise with his handclasp, sit by next locally. Laoli probably appearance of 449 years old, taking glasses of a pair of black casing, give a person a kind of very old sense.

“Brief young lady, magazine company is preparing a fashionable woman magazine to incorporate with fashionable male magazine recently. The person selected of cover of magazine of first phase has been chosen, old Li Zheng is this period the controller of magazine cover. ” the photography that chief editor gives Jian Ning to introducing the near future works, see she is listening seriously, continue say.

“This period fashionable woman follows fashionable male person selected, the red of female star Han that is the closest conflagration respectively follows Zhuo Hang of general manager of group of eminent family name. Han Tong here, had promised to film, it is Zhuo Hang there, all the time in order to work busy for reject cover to film.

I hear what graduate greatly to Zhuo Hang is C, it is alumnus with brief young lady, so I want to let brief young lady appear personally go persuading to persuade Zhuo Hang, let him promise to film, help Laoli finish the magazine cover of first phase to film. Help Laoli finish the magazine cover of first phase to film..

“To this decision, how does brief young lady feel? ” chief editor says, observing Jian Ning’s expression, see her have what reaction.

Jian Ning hears chief editor to let her persuade Zhuo Hang to promise to film, be at a loss temporarily, a little hesitant, want to reject this arrangement.

But she comes the first day magazine company goes to work, reject the arrangement of chief editor, have some of misgivings it seems that, she looks up look at the pattern that one face expects chief editor, kink is very in the heart, it do not know how to should run ability is good to do not know how to should run ability.

“I know this arrangement, some are embarrassed brief young lady, if brief young lady does not want to accept really, I also won’t try to make sb do sth which he can’t do. ” chief editor a pair very the appearance of reasonable, say to develop Jian Ning laugh.

“Chief editor, not be I do not want to accept, basically be I am afraid that I cannot persuade Zhuo Hang, can make chief editor embarrassed. ” Jian Ning’s careful wanting, if she does not want to accept, that can say so only.

Chief editor the appearance of a pair of suddenly be enlightened, he still thinks is she does not want to accept this arrangement, it is she is afraid that she is done so bad, he will be embarrassed.

“Do not have a thing, it is good that you should endeavor only, without giving thought to final result how, I won’t blame you. I won’t blame you..

“Since chief editor said so, then I try. ” chief editor said so, if she refuses again, appear she has some of fail to appreciate sb’s kindness.

“Good, that decides so, you go out to prepare first. ” chief editor says, place a hand to them, signal lets them go out, took the file on the desk to look seriously next.

Subsequently, jian Ning walks out of chief editor office since old Li Yi accordingly, jian Ning is wanting to want to persuade Zhuo Hang to promise to film, some are anxious, it do not know how to should run ability is good to do not know how to should run ability.

“Small brief, I can call you so. I know to persuade Zhuo Hang to promise to film, it is a very difficult issue, but you should believe yourself.

If be no good really, when be being written down, will look for me, I can help you, but I believe, won’t have when wanting me to help.

” Laoli is saying to the Jian Ning beside, but he has hope very much to her.

Be in aside Jian Ning, some feel embarrassed look at Laoli, he is a little exorbitant to her accredit. “Laoli’s master, we just just were known today, you are so trustful to me, I still have a dot to feel extremely flattered really, nevertheless I am afraid of my meeting disappoint your expectation. Nevertheless I am afraid of my meeting disappoint your expectation..

She says, low the likelihood that plays some lose.

“Small brief, it is OK that you call me Laoli. Still have, you had not tried, how to know oneself are no good again, said my Laoli won’t misread a person absolutely again, you are at ease go doing, the word that be no good has me. ” Laoli has good opinion very much to Jian Ning it seems that, he smacks chest, encouraging her with her means.

What Jian Ning feels Laoli says is very right, she had not tried how to know she is no good again. “Thank your Laoli, my scarcely is met disappoint of your expectation, I can try hard by my, top gem persuading eminent promises to film. ” she resembles is regain fight, pair of on the side old Li Shui with full confidence move.

“This ability is right. Small brief, you are familiar with condition of one runner band first, etc meet me agree Zhuo Hang informs you again, was opposite, you must have hope to oneself. ” old Li Shui is over, pat Jian Ning’s shoulder, resembling is to helping her cheer encourage.

“Was opposite, your position there the last. Still have, this is my phone, you give me your telephone call, wait for meet me agree, the phone informs you. ” Laoli points to to Jian Ning, hand she a piece of calling card, give her the mobile phone next, let her lose number go in.

After waiting for Laoli to go, the Jian Ning directive according to Laoli, bypass the desk in front, take the last place, oneself thing put away, surveying the fellow worker all round oneself.

They lower their head to look at the file on the desk, jian Ning is bad also to follow their answer. She feels some are strange suddenly, see a few female colleague is here only, did not see a male colleague, do they go out to collect material?

“Jian Ning, welcome you the first day to come magazine company goes to work. ” Liu Xiaomei sees Jian Ning sits in his to be being sent locally slow-witted, pulled a chair to sit by her.

Jian Ning laughs to Liu Xiaomei, her plump cheek figure, look very the appearance that be pregnant feels. “Thank, what do you do here? ” although ask a person so very not courteous, but since want to become a friend, always should know dry what she is.

“I am editor assistant, what do you have to want to know, can ask me, the 100 dawn that I can be here are unripe. ” the issue that Liu Xiaomei minds Jian Ning to ask not at all, know she just came magazine company, what is not clear, let her need not polite, want to ask what asks.

“How doesn’t here have general manager office? ” brief Ning Huan is inspecting magazine company, most inside have chief editor office only, without general manager office, ask her.

“Upstair of general manager office, come rarely because of general manager magazine company, so the office sets upstair. Here besides general manager, it is chief editor the biggest, you can want to please chief editor well. ” one face of land small beauty helps her gladly solving a problem, remind her to want to please chief editor designedly finally.

Jian Ning nods, she knew signal, subsequently, think of a problem again, ask her. “What do you know chief editor calls the name? ” the name that there is chief editor on Baidu, the name also was not kept in his office, she is so curious all the time.

“Know of course, the name of chief editor calls Liu Yuan, he is the little brother of general manager, call him chief editor in magazine company nevertheless, very few someone makes his name. ” Liu Xiaomei is when the little brother that say Liu Yuan is general manager, designed in a low voice say, resembling is to be afraid of be heard by others.

At this moment, fashionable editor station cries in office doorway land the name of small beauty, it is headaching appearance very. “Liu Xiaomei, do not see people a little while, return discomfort to come over to help. Return discomfort to come over to help..

Liu Xiaomei said with Jian Ning, move good chair at once, walk into editor office.

Jian Ning looks at Liu Xiaomei’s anxious appearance, shake one’s head, when she often is going to work absquatulate, nevertheless, she also thanks her quite, tell her so much.

Jian Ning remembers Liu Yuan suddenly this name, seem to had listened where. She thinks, it is before when C is big, listen to Liu Shen to had said with her, he has a little brother that reads in abroad, when mentioning his little brother, always be a pair of very happy look, but occasionally also very headache, because he always gets into trouble to him.

The thrill through in her head a thought, this Liu Yuan can be Liu Shen’s little brother, that if he is, how Liu Shen can look for her again.

Jian Ning feeling returns her to go to abroad at that time, when remembering Liu Shen goes sending her, if saying with her. He says, no matter where she goes to, where is she, he can be beside her, want her to turn round only, can see him.

She thinks he is joking in those days, can look now, she did not consider a fault. Liu Shen is her only an among them friend just, 7 years do not contact, he is afraid forgot her already.

Love it may not be a bad idea, friendship it may not be a bad idea, once appear difference, occurrence crack, again good also eventually will not answer exist.

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