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” doting lover ” one murder tender feelings / , this chapter in all 1040 words, update at: 2017-03-29 22:19

In the car, lin Mengxue asks: “You, is wanting to enrage me dead ” ? Yan Yulin did not talk, feng Xiaojia also did not talk. You know not to know a moment ago you if him one knife was pricked, you are met how! ? ! ? ? ! Are you in charge of me how? Matter with you? The say of anger of Yanyu Lin anger. Think to some fear after the event still are in his heart nevertheless, if was plunged into really,go down because of oneself, does that oneself may true meeting sit prison of half a lifetime? . . .

You if was plunged into,a moment ago went down, then you are about to be imprisoned, should pay criminal duty! Lin Mengxue sits the say of the in a huff on retrospective seat.

Are not in my this conversation, blind! If not be you, can Xiao Jia and I lie dangerous situation? Yan Yulin howls.

You! Lin Mengxue just wanted to talk, but back-to-back Yan Yulin gave her to interrupt,: “Do not talk about what nonsense to cheat a police to handle a case with me ” ! I tell you, they at that time more than 20 people, although I did not report a case to the security authorities, but didn’t the police move to help unexpectedly by me? ! What meaning to calculate? ! You are some too beyond the mark! And Lin Mengxue also did not talk, because she cans say nothing, it is oneself have a few Xiaoren sexes to just let these two high school give birth to deep-set crisis really.

And Feng Xiaojia also did not talk. The likelihood was to a moment ago was frightened. . . Just color is a little cadaverous. Double eye does not have a god. Yan Yulin noticed, so the edge drives the edge cares ask: “Xiao Jia, don’t you have a thing ” ? Feng Xiaojia walks along a god to did not hear unexpectedly. Xiao Jia, xiao Jia! Yan Yulin is vociferous arrive. Haw, ah? She has answered a god to said subliminally.

Are you to be not frightened? Yan Yulin asks.

I. . I do not have a thing. Miss Feng loves to fumble said.

Oh. Yan Yulin oh. Continue to drive. And back-to-back Feng Xiaojia asks: “Feather Lin, why do they look for you to bother ” ?

The forehead, you say this. The likelihood is your husband I am too outstanding. Have hot much person is envious I. Just look for me to bother so. . . Yan Yulin’s joking say. I did not joke with you, tell me quickly why ah. Feng Xiaojia respecting. But, I am not to know really why ah. . . They do me possibly really namely of transfer. Yanyu Lin respecting.

Good, since you so say, what do I say more. Feng Xiaojia say. Rely on on saddle to closing an eye later, also knowing is to be asleep, still was asleep at all namely. . .

The car is very fast arrived police station, and a few foregoing patron wagon that pressing Zhang Tianshuo to wait also arrived. Wake Feng Xiaojia up then, get off, enter a police station, and two people also did not take darby, follow come the police station plays like. . . Lin Mengxue follows in them whats to say at the back of two. Entered a police station, all polices see Lin Mengxue lowers his head to say one acoustical forest elder sister. It seems does not have what be before inside the car completely to not have language, desolate, aching appearance. It is extremely arrogant completely. . .

You, you come over with me to me. Point to Yan Yulin, feng Xiaojia, zhang Tianshuo, inside a few take a knife, you go careful, taking them next 3 entered a room together, this room is not a jail, however Lin Mengxue’s office, those who entered left and right sides of Lin of this office Yanyu is big shew, this office is a computer, a sofa, still have a tea table, still have white board, the likelihood is to attend a meeting the thing that time place uses. . . Entered here, one buttock takes Lin Mengxue in computer desk before, and Yan Yulin on the side of 3 people stand in her computer desk. . . . . .

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