Doe全国茶资源信息s Lin Lin of the 5th chapter know Liu Suo? !

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At this moment Lin Lin rises suddenly the quilt that taking Feng Xiaojia to give him, of quiet silence went, arrived sitting room, see the Feng Xiaojia that sleeping soundly on sofa, corners of the mouth shows a smile. Give the sofa of that single person that put previous Feng Xiaojia to sit to go up his that bed quilt next. Look at the Feng Xiaojia that lie low wears, and Lin Lin extends the hand into Feng Xiaojia by the nest inside. . . . . .

Next below the double leg that the right hand stretched Feng Xiaojia, left hand from hind go to above the wind that the back put Feng Xiaojia slowly rise to carry Feng Xiaojia rectified an individual to be held in the arms by Lin Lin rise, even by held in the arms together rise. . . Look at what asleep Feng Xiao Jialin Lin smiles, give her replace directly next the room of herself, lin Lin heart thinks, : “You a fool, my old man student, live in to the schoolgirl calculated, still let my berth unexpectedly, you sleep sofa, do not know how you think really ” . Corners of the mouth maintains a smile as before.

Face about went, look at that piece of sofa, this sanded give back is true not small, next oneself one fell to go up, the quilt that gets on single person sofa is built so slept one in the evening. . . . . .

Early morning. At 5 o’clock.

Feng Xiaojia, as usual extended a lazy waist, see oneself lie on the bed some were cheated, hey, incorrect interest, I am written down so that Lin Lin also pulled yesterday, on his berth ah. . . Return a responsibility how? The edge thought edge bed to go up the dress, the characteristic with this the oldest school is school uniform loves to wear do not wear, be in oneself room anyway, opened chest to find out white shoes of a pair of athletic tall waist so, a black is recreational pants, a T-shirt, still a white is prevented bask in take, put on, that thing surpasses a beauty, then I am brushed.

Change dress night clothes to sleep pants was folded rise, put chest inside, put coat in the room to wore a T-shirt to go first, towards the left sees Lin Lin lying on sofa to look at a mobile phone.

Look he also not very is lazy. The heart thinks Feng Xiaojia.

Lin Lin saw Feng Xiaojia come out, sat from sofa, look at Feng Xiaojia to ask: “You rise quite early, cook I became hungry ” .

Did you become hungry oneself won’t be done? Feng Xiaojia walks along a toilet to brush one’s teeth wash a face. The process pleasant to the ear that brushs again saw bang, feng Xiaojia knows that is the door when close brushed a tooth to wash a face, cerebella bag outside one look, as expected nobody. Had been folded nevertheless put on sofa, also had folded at will put in the quilt above. After putting quilt night clothes, Feng Xiaojia relied on to be on sofa, look at a mobile phone, look at quick worker.

Passed probably 15 minutes have suddenly knock sound, feng Xiaojia goes to the front of the door to ask, : “Who ah ” ?

I ah the sound that Feng Xiaojia listens is Lin Lin. Creak the door opened, see there is polybag in Lin Lin hand, steamed stuffed bun is inside, biscuit, deep-fried twisted dough sticks, another is soya-bean milk and milk.

Do you go buying a rice? Feng Xiaojia asks surprisingly.

Ah, cannot always wear for nothing on early in the morning does abdomen go to the school? Say the edge handed signal of Feng dawn beautiful to be being taken the thing by the side of Lin Lin, prepare serve a meal, feng Xiaojia receives Lin Lin to begin to change slipper, sit on sofa directly next.

Hello, how do I meet what go up suddenly to the bed of myself room? Feng Xiaojia opens polybag in kitchen edge put breakfast into dish, the edge asks the Lin Lin outside.

Do you return have the nerve to ask me? I slept yesterday well you also ironed a bed suddenly to go up, I see you at this moment somnambulate, next hemp is smooth get out of bed to lie on sofa directly, when you know not to know your go to bed comes up, frightened to me jump? Lin Lin has bit of mood say that blame.

What? My somnambulate? How likely? Feng Xiaojia was carrying breakfast to go from the kitchen at this moment, big eye doubt adds goggle at to ask Lin Lin surprisingly.

Does in you the home sleep is shut-eye frightened so that my within an inch of does not have do into the hospital you know not? Lin Lin is the mood that blame as before say.

Ah. . Hey, the likelihood is, anyway I am whats do not know, if I am sorry then really cough up. Feng eats edge say by the side of Xiao Jia.

Calculated forgive you. On Lin Lin mouth so say, think so actually in the heart, how likely somnambulate. . Is this girl to there is many innocent? Ten million cannot let her know I had held her in the arms not to know otherwise yesterday how be misunderstood or rebuke I. Favour, also be hit to absolutely refuse to by disclosure to calculating acknowledge a debt!

Took half hour, two people eat, feng Xiaojia was carried, brush bowl chopsticks, returned a room to take coat two people change a shoe rapidly, go to the school, at this moment doorway as it happens has a taxi, lin Lin was pulling Feng Xiaojia to go up taxi, say the master goes, car slowly leaving, person slowly bump is worn. All the way a word did not say two people. Reached the school Feng Xiaojia and Lin Lin get off together, when just wanting to go down, after that inside the car Liu place of the face the thing of take advantage of one’s power bully people, the treasure from the back came down first immediately. Careless, rustles, swaggeringly moved toward the school, there still is OK pump on the head. . . Back-to-back Feng Xiaojia and Lin Lin also come up and down from the car together. , liu Suo saw Lin Lin, picture went by like Pekinese only.

Lin. . Lin elder brother. You are good. Saying to still place a hand, that cheap appearance, xiao Jia letting Feng looked disgusting.

Oh, do you just also arrive? Feng Xiaojia carries the leg is about, lin Lin pull her to say ” hey, you wait, go affirming evening now, a little while I go together with you, with you Mr. Zhang of the class explains, otherwise she can embarrass for certain you ” . Zhang Xin is really like that the sort of that female without giving thought to wrong the sort of teacher that punishs, it may be said is impartial and incorruptible. . .

Need not. . . Feng Xiaojia’s awkward respecting.

Do not have a thing, wait for the say a few words on my my horse word. Lin Lin says.

Two minutes of Zhong Linlin and Liu are in that not to know to say some of what later. . Feng Xiaojia is standing in school gate mouth.

Lin Lin walked over toward Feng Xiaojia later, inclined bang at this moment by wind whiff two people, resemble the sweethearts that is two beauty in wind, it may be said is female appearance, jackal aha ha. . . The forehead. . . Bah! It is Lang Cai. . . Lin Lin goes say before Feng Xiaojia. Two people are shoulder to shoulder walked into the school together and Liu Suo criterion followed to go in together at the back of of beautiful of dawn of Lin Lin zephyr. .

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