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This. . . He also had not said with me! Feng Xiaojia does not have the respecting of language. You go in look, remember, do not make him sad later, be angry, otherwise you can regret all one’s life! The doctor said these words to go. And Feng Xiaojia also is borne momently not know clearly, push directly open the door entered ward inside, look at the Yan Yulin that lies on the bed. . . Immediately nose one acid, tear flowed again, the solilo-quize in the heart: “How I am likely, want to part company with you ” ? I am to be afraid of, after you become my boy friend, classmates can see me with despised eye, more be afraid of, your reputation is damaged, more more be afraid of, your parents does not agree. . Because my domestic room is honest common. . .

She takes a bench in that way, holding Yan Yulin’s hand, the grievance in him heart, unwilling, still have cry bitterly, poured out to come out entirely, anyway he is inaudible also. . . The following day in the morning, feng Xiaojia did not know when to be asleep, bend over was in on the side of Yan Yulin’s arm, both hands still is holding his hand. Breathe out breathe out be asleep. Yan Yulin slowly open an eye, look at the Feng Xiaojia of right hand side mistily. Still feel oneself wind is very painful. But an one filar smile is revealed unexpectedly on his face. Be in look at while Feng Xiaojia smiles, he thinks the desire of cough suddenly very much again, and psychokinesis, resist at all the force that coughs nevertheless. Did not keep back so. . Coughed twice.

Hm Feng Xiaojia of ~~~ haing ~~~ scratchs his head, rub an eye, because her eye cried yesterday several, rise in the morning the eye is red swollen. See Yan Yulin had waked nevertheless, titus is fastened in the heart glad, rise directly so, a Xiong Bao, bend over directly held the Yan Yulin that lies on the bed in arms, and Yan Yulin carries Feng Xiaojia pats when the hand hind back, path: “I do not have a thing, be at ease, ah ” . Slowly flap of this Feng Xiao Jia hind back say.

Do you know not to know I worry about you more? Feng Xiaojia rises pair of Yanyu Lin say that sticking up small mouth dissatisfaction.

Oh? Do you worry about me? ? ? Early know I should awake earlier, install next dizzy, peeping your expression. Saying and still smiling, hit ha. Be caught closely nevertheless even if coughed twice.

Feng Xiaojia sees him have cough, did not have the mood to joke, at once say: “Don’t you have a thing ” ? With need not go calling a doctor?

Need not, I am irrespective, help me be cleared away, leave hospital, lying to work in this? Air is bad still. Yan Yulin is right respecting of Feng dawn beautiful. But who knows to Feng Xiaojia overrules readily: “Be no good! You are observing a few days, in leave hospital ” ! Yan Yulin sees her manner is so determined. . Also did not enrol immediately. . . Nevertheless Zhang Tianshuo is returned and oneself were worn about. . . How do this do? The in operation with Yanyu Lin flying brain is right say of Feng dawn beautiful: “Madam, our become reconciled ” ?

Ah? ? ? Feng Xiaojia looks at what Yan Yulin stunneds to look at him.

Is find sth useful so open-eyed? I ask us two become reconciled are done not have namely. . . Yan Yulin sees her so open-eyed appearance ask so. . . Be ashamed of Feng dawn beautiful is red face did not answer him, and Yan Yulin looks at the cheek with Feng Xiaojia red be ashamed, feel comical immediately, this day, had been her girlfriend before, bashful still now what? The schoolgirl is to let a person do really do not understand. . . Feng Xiaojia looks up at this moment say: “After then we marry, it is so good to me that are you still met ” ? Yan Yulin rises say: “Of course ah ” ! To who am I otherwise good go? And next Feng Xiaojia said a word. . Yanyu Lin within an inch of did not drop from the bed.

She says: “Your schoolboy ” . Sister of my distance watch said to grandchildren is before your schoolboy marries with me, the son is after marrying, etc had the child to become father. . Be afraid, can you go out to search fresh small 3? When Yan Yulin listens to what Feng Xiaojia says to pause, some were cheated, his heart thinks: “I go ” . . . What connections is watch elder sister of Xiao Jia after all? Unexpectedly the countenance of so clear schoolboy? Nevertheless, oneself can not be such man, how may bully Feng Xiaojia so beautiful, beautiful, kind-hearted, where is easy girl? So back-to-back Yan Yulin steps down sickbed to stand before Feng Xiaojia respecting: “Xiao Jia, you are at ease, before marrying without giving thought to, after still marrying ” . My Yan Yulin, metropolis sincerity waits for you, if I search small 3, then I go with respect to oneself before your parents offer a humble apology! Feng Xiaojia listens to feel immediately touch very much.

Back-to-back Feng Xiaojia asks: “That if one day does my Gong Xing give a wall ” ? How do you do? That is where I have to make you dissatisfactory, so you just give a wall ah so, I can prove myself hard, you give a wall a inch, my move one feet, you give a wall one feet, my move one a unit of length! And at this moment Feng Xiaojia is touched more, relied on in Yan Yulin’s bosom to cry. Yan Yulin asks then: “Xiao Jia, we calculate ” . . . Become reconciled? ? ? Favour. . . . !

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