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Sky institute.

Training of philharmonic society of sounds of nature is indoor, came out a ringing ancient kite tweedle, tone is not neat, melody is jerky, be without manner, a pleasant melody, in the person that stroke musical instrument play meticulously below, appearance of music model spirit, can says unique and incomparable. The door that trains the elevator outdoor slowly open, form of a cyan goes carefreely from which, go straight towards training room continuously. When the door that pushs training room when her, see woman of a white skirt is sitting in oneself locally, it is ground of exert to one’s utmost strokes musical instrument to play very, play the song that come out nevertheless, it is really dare not flatter. With her, still have younger sister of other division of a few junior fellow apprentice people.

When seeing arrival, white skirt woman also stops the work in the helper, rave happily: “Day division elder sister! You come! You come!!

“Warm Yu Shimei, you come very early! ” mouth of Rong Tianer close lightly laughs, come to Song Nuanyu of white skirt woman beside sit down.

“Division elder sister is worn really good-lookingly today! ” crazy crazy ground laughs at Song Nuanyu.

“Thank! ” Rong Tianer also is smiling to should.

A on the side junior fellow apprentice that is called Li Yan does not have very angry glare Song Nuanyu one, frowsty hum, path: “Got, know applepolish only, return a pair of beautiful crazy model! Return a pair of beautiful crazy model!!

“What I say is true! Day division elder sister is very good-looking, what want my the Song Dynasty to warm jade come to an agreement or understanding looks only is certain and good-looking. ” Song Nuanyu still is maintaining as always bright smile.

“That I? ” Li Yan pop is binocular, tick off continuously tick off the ground to looking at Song Nuanyu, eyeful expects.

After Song Nuanyu is stupefied, brows presseds closely, silent does not make a sound, making a hard choice seemingly, after moment, below the expression that expects in the person such as Li Yan, despise ground say: “You ah, general kind! General kind!!

Instantly is Li Yan write down explode chestnut, ground of in a huff decides Li Yan to pay attention to Song Nuanyu no longer the thing of this live on sb while helping others secretly, next Song Nuanyu is deaf pulling a head, one face is innocent shape. This is offended however everybody belly laugh rose.

Rong Tianer is close lightly close lightly mouth, did not go to the face to one place, she knows these big the younger sister of division of junior fellow apprentice of one people also have the time of one semester, especially this is opposite Song Nuanyu and Li Yan younger sister of junior fellow apprentice of a bit of a clown, should saying is to let Rong Tianer be surprised really at the beginning (though she is essential,need not wear glasses, with a ha breath out) , drop chin continuously. Get along nevertheless time became long, rong Tianer got used to be accustomed to sth however, produce immunity even.

This also is must, already so long, still do not produce immune word, that still gets a head really big.

“Good, everybody also was troubled by, division elder sister came now, let her help us coach! ” one junior fellow apprentice is very sensible and experienced ground rebuke path.

“Right also, look you two, mimic a pair of enemy! ” one division younger sister does not have very angry say.

“Elder sister of division sister division, you come eventually, will help our guidance coach, you look, we these melody are not ripe. ” Song Nuanyu rises Rong Tianer beside leave it at that.

“Was gotten, still knowing just is who plays those who get set up wild shrieks and howls! ” say of Li Yan depressed tone.

Song Nuanyu did not talk, cast a combative eyes to Li Yan however, fast glare must drop eyeball. Someone else one not throat, lest disaster reachs Chi Yu, cast one each to try the look of stand in silent tribute of much happiness to Li Yan. Li Yan instantly ground of the know how to behave in a delicate situation on the horse closes mouth, dare not say half word again, do not have method, he still misses much work a few years Lie!

Ha, rong Tianer is the contented in the heart, this pair of a bit of a clown, added many pleasure to her however, younger sister of division of newcome junior fellow apprentice people, also be infuse of philharmonic society of whole sounds of nature new lease of life and new blood. Play in Bacchic hind, rong Tianer is static als[……]


The seventeenth chapter广州桑拿狼友网 helps sb to fulfill his wishes marriage

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Xia Yun’s word appears a little faint, also not be a bit truth also is done not have however. Xia Hou looked ursine wither up and down, however unlike is the appearance with a hot firm.

Such important matter, what the clique comes out above most propbably all corners of the country also is ace.

Ursine wither heavy pupil, he also knows, xia Yun this is to help this talk, but all things that are him, ursine wither is do not want drag in to arrive really Xia Yun.

And it seems that, xia Yun begs for leniency also is not so downwind downstream.

“Elder brother, I tell the truth with you. Yun escape marriage run away from home, dad is looking for Yun all the time. On the road, met this bear eldest brother, she helps Guo Yun, yun very favorite also him. But power of summerly home place of business is so great, we are impossible to be together, come over to look for elder brother secretly you help! Come over to look for elder brother secretly you help!!

Xia Yun is playing the hand of ursine wither, “Thump ” genuflect go down, ceaseless still wither following bear makes have sth in mind lubricious. Although ursine wither is clear about in the heart, remain the same however not throat.

alleged, v/arc true man is somewhat do not be somewhat, looking at a woman to beg for leniency for oneself, that is what mood.

Ursine wither very want a station to come out, show everything, but do as good as so at making him master free child the identity also follows exposure. It is really so too cross danger.

Ursine wither is thinking, xia Hou already slowly mouth: “Yun, also want to have a limit egoistically. Dad is searched close, which not be be matched for marriage, is this childe He Ren? Is this childe He Ren??

“Be matched for marriage, it is a flock of otiose thing. Although ursine childe does not have celebrated housekeeping, anyhow also is teenager a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct person, why we cannot be together quite. Why we cannot be together quite..

Xia Yun raises a head, in the eyes much a tiny bit of stubborn.

“Elder brother, do not agree even you to help me. Do not agree even you to help me..

Ursine wither looks at Xia Yun, the heart holds to mediumly gradually was buried. He admits to never mind, the help favour that also is acknowledgment master to death, be afraid of a master over there, a lot of people had seen him, somewhat complicity wants how gift is nice.

Ursine wither also is not to violate conscience, since Xia Yun also is make clear beforehand, he said down Xia Yun.

“Summerly childe, although Xiong Mou does not have fertile land 1000 just, cannot give summerly girl the life that jade of bright and beautiful garment feeds, but still be in sincerely. But still be in sincerely..

Xia Hou pauses, do not know whether oneself should believe. Put after all ran at the moment of great importance, if rebuke wither is not assassin, also desire good person.

Of Xia Yun capricious he knows, but who is male joyous female love also can in all pilot. Xia Yun as a child strength is a bit better, be afraid of is control, she more ill-affected.

Since Xia Yun likes, although ursine wither does not calculate go up young Cai Jun, but the elder brother that is very fond of a little sister as, this selects an issue, xia Hou still can be Xia Yun to carry those who come down.

“Stopped, yun, the intention of dad is afraid did not change so easily, if you want to rebuke with this childe is together, go quickly. A little silver-colored ballot is returned here, take money for the journey to you, must take care on the road. Must take care on the road..

Xia Yun had received silver-colored bill feel happy secretly in the heart, but ursine wither is a pair of embarrassed look however.

He is a killer, he roams freely all over the world, the four seas is the home. The most important is, he follows Xia Yun and do not have any mutual affection of husband and wife.

Xia Yun with respect to such things because of oneself, with domestic leave, how should this in the future time pass.

Xia Hou enjoined a few to leave, xia Yun is remained to follow ursine wither only inside empty building two people.

Xia Yun sits on the bed, several a moment ago got how many silver-colored bill, the day after planning, ursine wither is one face dignified.

“Summerly girl, because be in,everything is fall and rise, the girl still follows explanation of your elder bro[……]


Little thief全国茶资源信息 of treasure of pilfer of the first chapter

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Should say the where in this Luoyang city most air, can be about to count Zhao Jiazhuang to not be belonged to.

In this Luoyang city the most flourishing a sector of an area, the gules gate that brushing gold lacquer slowly open, a woman went from door hind, the garment skirt of a suit pink, 3 feet black hair all hangs down between the waist, body appearance enchantings.

“Size elder sister, the branch store of vessel abundant date just opens business, lord lets you was celebrated together in the past! Lord lets you was celebrated together in the past!!

This ability just walks along Zhao Lan, the Home Laoguan Wang Bai in the home is in her back babble.

” good good, I knew. Grandfather new store opens the day of magnify auspicious today, I am so abruptness went, do not have it seems that so surprizing. Do not have it seems that so surprizing..

Zhao Lan is replying, also wear in the plan in the heart other issue.

“I say size elder sister, vessel abundant date can be the mind flesh of lord, you but absolutely does not make a what trouble gift is nice! You but absolutely does not make a what trouble gift is nice!!

Zhao Lan can be small ancestor of Zhao Jiazhuang, battling suzerain namely of her grandfather Zhao Tianhao favorite, act wildly against law and public opinion, often enter a the cause of disaster, there was not a daughter of an eminent family should some appearance. Zhao Lan likes this however the portion is comfortable, also be to battling of the grandfather favorite, serve as why a bit was not.

Zhao Lan did not come to the doorway add trouble to of vessel abundant date directly, circle alley to come to backyard of vessel abundant date however.

One a unit of length the fence with 5 high rule, to Zhao Lan, it is cole dishful simply, a flying body, leap forward in the backyard of vessel abundant date. What should ask Zhao Lan wants to do? Still not be to give a grandfather a surprise.

Zhao Lan dotes on as a child, also know exchange gifts naturally. Skinful tricky idea is sent in this moment went up use.

Vessel abundant date is special deal jade article is placed act the role of and the headgear with masterly craft, among them the treasure legendary luminous pearl of handed down from the older generations of the family ” butterfly night ” long negative great reputation. Open business this to celebrate vessel abundant date, zhao Tianhao asks a person more technically one bullion makes gigantic egg, foil give this ” butterfly night ” beautiful. Know the design of gold of body fine gold, also was to give Zhao haze huge to go to the lavatory.

The servent of backyard is in busy, zhao Lan sneaks away smoke ran into jewellery lane, be about to prevail immediately in the plan in him heart when, vacated the ground to transmit crystal male voice after one’s death.

“Bill of little thief whacker, run to jewellery lane thieve actually. Run to jewellery lane thieve actually..

Ursine wither notes Zhao haze for a long time, cong Zhaolan just comes in to detect somewhat. Vessel abundant date opens business, baby here, be not be without guard against.

Just rebuke wither have not thinks of, this thief person is a woman actually, and grow so that indicate very.

“Hello. . . You talk a bit cleaner, what does this girl want, return find sth useful to steal. Return find sth useful to steal..

Bosom of annulus of Zhao haze both hands, new man expresses dissatisfaction before cross-eye. Anyhow the young lady that she also is Zhao Jiazhuang, this man Zun Yigou is small thief, of another little thief, it is the affront to her simply.

“Jest, just now my saw with one’s own eyes sees you come in, to baby eye covetously, still dare say you are not little thief. Still dare say you are not little thief..

Say to also be good luck, ursine wither is all corners of the country the ace of little famous energy of life, early all corners of the country of a few years of experience at the beginning of oneself when, zhao Tianhao writes small favor to oneself, in this Luoyang chance encounter, to Zhao Tianhao’s request, his nature is there is no shirking the responsibility.

When the eye looks at celebration to be about to begin, still really burglar calls in.

“You give me Pull in your ears! , you say this girl is little thief, does this girl still say you are great robber? Do not think your evil person brings a lawsuit against first can pay attention to one’s own moral uplift without thought of others, look action. Look acti[……]


Recall an order 4: Bloodstone dwell does not have l广州桑拿信息imit

” the bone bewitching of Bai Yue night pays a debt of gratitude ” not dead Xiaobai is white / , this chapter in all 1182 words, update at: 2014-10-07 08:00

It is not difficult to be together, if do not care painful.

Bai Yue feels the saliva on the face, the corners of the mouth of right is inclined hang, resemble ringent persimmon: “Think dead! Not urgent! But I still have a lot of words to want to say! You also should listen well, how does he love you. . . . . . ..

“Bai Yue! Take a mirror to take your ghost look well! You are already ugly must do not deserve to speak a person! ” besides exasperate this bedlamite, I do not have her law. I do not want to see night got hurt again really. . . . . .

Beetle was ground to give a group all round the crutch on the ground, I know Bai Yue is already aflame with passion, still just be in enduring. I need to add a fire again, make her OK erupt between instantly!

Want to say again in me when, hear night says however: “Bai Yue, you are I use the piece that protects her only, it is all the time. You are new evil spirit, you should know me to want to change her destiny, must get had cheated everybody. Must get had cheated everybody..

Ah — — — ah — — — — ah — — — —

Nocturnal word detonates the flame of firedamp like, bai Yue screams in a stern voice, the echo all round cliff makes that shriek more sad and shrill and long, I see white month genuflect is on the ground, both hands is covering auditive, be burned early the ensanguined Cheng Gong that bald head is caught by Bai Yue almost is lubricious.

“I am not! I am not castle! Everything is inside my plan! You say completely is a lie! Cheater! ” night of white month go at, the land of wind firm firm that takes night directly is bitten go down.

Night leaves me 10 a unit of length are superabundant, I heard the deglutition voice that gives out in white month larynx unexpectedly. . . . . . The blue veins that because aching and take up is screwy,I see nocturnal body.

“Night — ! ” I am crying, did not know when to had taken in sound cry antrum: “Not! Bai Yue! Beg you! Forgive he! Forgive he! Forgive he!!

I was defeated, my beg for mercy! . . . . . . Because I am afraid of, be afraid of so that want dead! Look to was inferior to killing me directly again: “Bai Yue! You bite me! Want to revenge, you come to me! Let off him! I beg you — “

Bai Yue is bitten is jubilation more however, I heard the flesh to be given birth to from bone even rip the sound that come down.

“Bai Yue — you say! What do you want after all! Want you to harm night no longer only, what do you want to go! ” I had negotiated with her again without any courage, fight with her, there is my mind flesh in her hand! I even already genuflect was in in iron basket. . . . . .

I admit I am cowardly, I am foolish, but I want night only no longer painful, I want only really — my night, no longer painful.

“Small night — ” night is biting a tooth, look at me suddenly to say: “Why do you know I agree to call Bai Yue the name that has to me? “Why do you know I agree to call Bai Yue the name that has to me??

Stanch entreat sound, I am choking with sobs to reply: “Because have,the place of white month can have evening. . . . . . ” I remember once was in that woods, hear white month to had said so.

“Not — because, I always see in the dream hand of a bones of the dead is keeping night this word. ” night is saying, laugh particularly sweetly: “After force restores, I am very happy, oneself can make this name. Because such, want someone only this name, I can remember, be forgotten by me you. . . . . . ..

Tear flushs and go out, I do not know this kind of feeling what to call.

I know only, the those remembering to the end of one’s life bruise that ever was masked by darkness in the heart, instantly grey flying smoke destroys. Those who have illumination to enter me to crouch in dark night is alone. He is my light, it is my heaven.

I toot the ground cries, ugly cannot again ugly, but I stop no less than coming, the sob sound in throat is me depressive Bei deeps sorrow and cannot wail.

“Small night — should — beg — I — — outside — anybody. . . . . . ” the blood that I see megalith issues blackish red, see night is ceaseless the body of twist and he laughs aglitter.

I also want to laugh, but my tear does not have prospect ground how to also stop no less than coming however.

I want to say, I ask! Want to need not want you only again painful, my generation after generation can be begged go down. But my throat is already so painful that[……]


Broken star of the 27th cha广州98场推荐JGDpter

” ghost differs a trainee ” the tear that recollects loneliness / , this chapter in all 2030 words, update at: 2014-12-06 22:22

Broken star of the 27th chapter

My time 2582 days

“Good, see you have skill savor, tell you, my flesh can be very delicate. “Wang Hao says, take 1000 thunder awl forward laniary half step moves quickly to come.

Laniary see the Wang Hao that be atttacked to oneself and comes, dehisce is shot with respect to the energy that is black to Wang Hao, wang Hao sees the black energy that shoots to oneself, a dodge, disappear in place.

And appear again when Wang Hao when, had come laniary in the sky, the 1000 thunder awl in the hand rotates quickly, to laniary it is prick.

And laniary fortunately oneself long head is more, afterbrain bag as it happens sees Wang Hao, also do not have overmuch time to let right now nevertheless laniary avoided, then laniary also sacrifice only small I am saved big I kind of spirit, rush namely to 1000 thunder awl of Wang Hao with oneself hind head, and taking the advantage of this bit of time, laniary avoid rapidly come, and 1000 thunder awl to prick of laniary and hind head, the head is defeated, green blood flies from which shoot.

Wang Hao sees biff does not have a success, disappear in sky again, laniary the dreariness that just feels ghost is poor right now, the head that remain to all around observing. But over there the figure that can have Wang Hao is laniary over there can know again!

And the show that the Han Han before the desk sees Wang Hao also is satisfactory ” very pretty good! Be pretty good! Can apply so quickly, the experience that is actual combat only is too little. The experience that is actual combat only is too little..

“Come out, you give quickly laniary come out, laniary should swallow your ” not to discover the more alive, in letting popular feeling the more hard calm.

Laniary belt wears what cerebrum bag takes care to be searched in sky, but the building is right now medium, besides the person that a moment ago was mauled, laniary also did not discover another person again.

And the Wang Hao in the space’s ceaseless changeover space position, see finally laniary below it is a good chance, pass through then laniary bottom, next kick suddenly, kick directly was in laniary bottom, laniary mention up, in sky, kicked Laogao up.

Aerial is laniary although those who keep is in in sky,retroflexion, but did not pull down however to Wang Hao’s attack.

Laniary the skeleton hand that reachs oneself to Wang Hao is smoked namely to Wang Hao, wang Hao does not have the urgent report that come, be hit by skeleton hand, fall from inside sky fall in the ground, the Wang Hao that goes up by laniary so smoke, wind chokes with resentment, a blood is spat from inside the mouth.

Wang Hao uses a hand to be being propped up, this is Wang Hao throughout history the first haematemesis, wang Hao stands on the ground, angry knowledge is worn laniary.

And what be looked at by Wang Hao is laniary like feeling oneself are like a body to face arctic suddenly.

“How can the majesty with poor ghost be you this ants and mole crickets can encroach.

How dare you trample the majesty with poor ghost again?

How dare you provoke the majesty with poor ghost again. “Wang Hao says the more, oneself energy promotes the more again.

And the person that the Tian Shuting that falls on the ground right now reachs before professes actually is ghost difference, ghost difference can be the existence like the god then, can see nowadays, that can be the great good fortune of the person such as oneself.

And the Wang Hao when Han Han sees this is behaved, nod say ” favour! Pretty good, pretty good, the potential that did not think of he can arouse himself comes out. The potential that did not think of he can arouse himself comes out..

“The Wang Hao of actual strength ” that I let you what see just is ghost difference says, and the Na Daoling that forehead is in flew suddenly, the way that flies is quick, with 1000 thunder awl perfect union is together, right now Wang Hao also did not use a space again this ability.

To laniary it is prick, laniary stretch his hand at once hold back, be given to bang by Wang Hao’s force however nevertheless retreated.

Phut! Phut! Phut!

What be banged fly is laniary just stop constrainedly after bumping into stair.

After Wang Hao is being atttacked for the first time, without overblown meaning, developed the past again, to what had not flown laniary it is one foot, laniary kick[……]


The 18th word is mari广州spatime catch hunt

” Shuang Yu? Recall chronicle ” tangerine one night tide / , this chapter in all 3105 words, update at: 2014-10-06 22:00

Yin Yu’s rate is much rapidder than before, I calculate carried fast do not follow quickly also to go up he. Night, it is him most adept world, move back and forth freely, and me this mankind can follow a cat to compare how, I can effect of open shadow pupil.

[shadow pupil] the learn the rudiments of a subject at the beginning of the apprentice that is a shadow is first control mandatory skill, can penetrate already ahead all 100 hindrance inside rice, also the attribute of the content that institute of eye of separate out of can accurate cent reachs. Commonly used at chasing fierce person, the way of seasonable and dialytic enemy when the battle. And the shadow catchs just as its name implies to hide at namely dark black in catch hunter, special darkling surveys the person that sins with raid, it is an extremely dangerous job profession. Only exclusive the employee ability that the shadow catchs the identity learns and have [shadow pupil] , if have the person that exit, department must be caught to abolish personally by the shadow before exit its are all the art that the shadow catchs, include [shadow pupil] .

And I was not abolished [shadow pupil] this skill, because I am Yin Yu’s guardian,be, hold important task concurrently personally. The shadow catchs department to give me this heavy responsibility, besides want me to view canal and protection well outside him, actually also for an unbeknown purpose in the organization. But what is he did not tell me finally that end, perhaps be to want when a certain opportunity just tells me.

I was become the shadow catchs ten years, just make me because of a person decisive exited this one profession. I ever also had pondered over me repeatedly is for what after all and consist in on this world, met that individual till me, my life just had the desire that wants exclusively to be guarded all one’s life. Then the individual is crimson foam. Nowadays, I should guard Yin Yu well for her, this is all one’s life acceptance.

The city of the late night remains the street lamp with an orderly and orderly platoon to still blossomming only ray, it won’t resemble me ground of until dawn of metropolis all night is opening all store there the lamp, till daylight, those lamps just can be united entirely go out. The person of this world, look also pay attention to healthy diet and Morpheus quality quite.

My eyesight in night is not quite good, because that I or shadow catch,be only when executive task unexpectedly by person assault, and make send within an inch of to lose the sight, although final it doesn’t matter hinders greatly, but make eyesight dropped however many, if do not rely on shadow pupil effect, estimate me at any time one individual plant cultivates dash against.

Wind comes up from the sea, taking slightly fishy smell, ahead is green smooth little fishing village.

Qing Ping is located in lunar brook county, it is the hamlet on seaside of a the Huaihe River. Fisher already on anchor bank, the dweller also installs pillow to fall asleep.

Not! Maritime dimple is ceaseless, be like somebody driving fisher is going on seaward, more than, look to not be like the same night to go to sea fish, and more resembling is a few boats are worn in fast angle in front that one boat. When boat of that one search is surrounded to go up by other boat, be in a dilemma, during scintilla 4 shoot, war, the circumstance is abominable, this thing looks not simple.

On the boat can you be Yin Yu?

Want to cross the sea, can rely on these common fisher only. Rate is slow, I this pair of pepperbox is about to bear no less than going to.

Between instantly, I see ahead has two ships on fire, the boat is sinking downward, heart one terrified, the mood is worse appeared. Of my hope heavy boat won’t be Yin Yu, ability in swimming of his not to be pooh-poohed, more what is more,the rather that he is taking afraid of an ancient measure of length possibly also to escape together, cannot have an accident absolutely.

I advance quickly, stand by them eventually beside. My immediately sees a familiar figure, it is slandering Zuo . If what I expect, he is the shadow is caught, if first sun rays in the morning and afterglow photograph are united in wedlock,he what pick next glasses is having a pair peculiar different pupil, twinkling cold light, the orthoptic Yin Yu that fighting with other member, that expression ases if should its buy all deathtraps are euqally terrible. Before remembering, he still takes on in the school teacher one horn, the appearance with that moment black abdomen and uptodate than, brief it is filled with appr[……]


The 10th chap广州夜生活论坛ter, lotus what hate with Lian Weichou is germinant

” tear of China die young ” Hua Jin announce / , this chapter in all 2494 words, update at: 2014-12-02 16:08

Tian Shanxue bump.

Beautiful and peculiar palace, the advantage of big Zhouguo of union and big neat country, contain an another individual amorous feelings again.

The place that a cruelty must take a person not to spit bone is however in this palace that beautiful nobility cannot involve however, make a person lifetime and unforgettable.

Construct collect field.

Lian Weiyu looks to be not worn this man beside wants what to do.

He chose her acupuncture point path, command person him general is full-dress dress up, feign is being installed bestow favor on be addicted to all over the face, there is her only it seems that in the eye, also do not have other again, hold her in the arms the bosom in oneself in.

She won’t believe the thing of gutty and similar love in the eye of this man, more it is what is more,the rather that before oneself are insensible, he has said to want to make her unripe be inferior to dead, return resound to be by the side of her ear to now, the sort of mood is how terrible, saw the appearance that oneself straighten his clothes and sit properly in his bosom again also know.

Look at far construct collect field, she just feels Chu Han day calculates cruelty far from to her in one’s childhood immediately!

Repair collect field to go up, an another person is flat, only one can live, do not have the tussle of sunset night, only last-ditch talent can come down alive.

Make her more cannot of believe is, every time a person is Koed to be in the ground, one swarm person is surrounded embrace and go up, confounded disregards the attacks to grabbing a loser on the ground incomplete limb of figure, swallowing voraciously.

She never has seen so terrible setting, tear of have sth in mind of the extensive in the eye, never know here human life is so cheap and low-down, a person comes down for work, can pondering over his scarcely is what to doing after all! Ignore avoid consequence, ignore avoid cost!

A young woman was advanced construct collect field, at this moment, put into the beast of a few hungry insanity at the same time.

That girl has 14 years old only with lotus general big, she raises what the head will astonish to look at pull a month, the hope can see a mood from his face.

There is a bit dimple in his eye, does life of difficult a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest not worth really in his eye? Think oneself are merciless all the time before, did not think of the thing on this world always has mountain outside hill, universal one day.

“How? Feared? ” very tender sound, get a voice that gives water to come softly.

Why oneself hear this sound to be able to make all over cold quiver, want to leave this diabolical bosom, no matter how struggle,can be, she have no alternative.

The lotus that stands by them complexion is cadaverous, she does not believe this she once the man will be right in that way she, oneself believe he has feeling to oneself all the time, do not believe, do not believe absolutely, alluding oneself ceaselessly, but the fear in the heart has spread to limb however.

Pull a month gently stroke is moving lotus messy hair silk, was escaped by her however. Fill immediately in the eye full violent storm, had received a servent to give the filar towel that come, the wipe up: of hand firm firm? Stop chloric ァ of  of Bi Bo  ! ?

Lotus cannot the looks at him act of believe, he disrelishs himself unexpectedly dirty, disrelish her unexpectedly dirty, there is this his word all the time in the head, overlook however, the servent advanced her already construct collect field.

Not, not! Lian Weiyu cries out ceaselessly in the heart in oneself.

The man of thousand looks at a woman that comes in again, this woman also beautiful, there are light of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease and the ** that belong to the male in their eye.

Lotus although military accomplishment is tall, but be be outnumbered after all, arrived towards evening, here or as daytime, those flat men, one batch died, have make a batch of people come in replace.

Lian Weiyu is looked at in repair Luochangli’s exhausted lotus, she present, it is in that way helter-skelter, in that way be at a loss, in that way helpless, also cannot see in former days that stands high above the masses again, the lotus princess that sweet laugh wears.

It is this man before, he after all with lotus had had what kind of associate with, want such torment to wear[……]


Before marriage of the 15th cha广州桑拿夜生活论坛pter

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In the evening, the leaf loves lotus general east wing-room is cleared away come out to live to Leng Mei. Wing-room does not have kang east, bed of a piece of wood was put inside, there is a thick straw on bedplate, seat of a piece of bamboo was laid on straw piece, bamboo banquet piece on spread a piece most probably new hand-woven cloth bedspread, the head of a bed is putting the quilt of one bed white, also have most probably new. Oil lamp of Xie Ailian persistence brings Leng Mei in the room, say: “Plum, do you see this room return satisfaction not? If what be short of, although you start to talk, become from height home same, do not feel embarrassed. ” the place that can have a stay already very satisfactory, still be so good room what is more,the rather that, leng Mei is touched so that heat up a tear to be filled with the socket of eye, say again and again: “Thank aunt, this is already very good, whats have, what be short of. What be short of..

“Good, you are certain tired also, breakfast rests, I went. ” on desk of a piece of before Xie Ailian is saying to put oil lamp in the bed young timber, say, “Had closed the door in the evening. ” say to go outside, walk along a doorway to had turned round to exhort again, “Tomorrow morning you need not rise early, sleep well shut-eye, cook good breakfast I call you. ” Leng Mei’s tears in eyes is in orbit revolve, she is being controlled hard do not let tear fall down, nod gently.

The Liu Chunyang that was used to terrestrial ice and snow lies on soft bed, sensation tear stops not the dwelling place flows outside. If the past of one act act emerges to come at the moment like tidewater, have the joy of childhood; Have abasement miserable ” Tartarean ” the life; A thousand li puts in domestic hesitation ‘s charge; Have those who be forced to leave home is helpless and do not abandon; Have leave home the endure the hardships of an arduous journey on the road. And she is how lucky! Be unexpected rescued from a desperate situation meets kind-hearted Home Xian Yuyi, how does she want ability to repay this deep like the sea loving-kindness? ! The Liu Chunyang that experienced too much affliction still did not learn callosity, she again this night that tragedy also touchs so that be in a complete mess in her is planted laid a seed!

The peak makes rich the village is one does not calculate old village, 3 annulus hill, vast level the land is among, although do not calculate,going up is a wide expanse of flat land, but the food that vast land gave a peasant family to earn a living, tough long time is alled over in bodies of the starved, a person did not die because of hunger here, calculate going up is terrestrial heaven. The village has two families, the house of most other people is top of wooden fence cogongrass, every family has a courtyard that uses fence inclose. Raise in the courtyard have chicken, those who raise a dog is few, making is the cause that hates to part with commissariat, those who raise a cattle is quite much, fodder is very much with one’s shoulder to collar with one’s shoulder to collar. There is a creek below the foot of a hill, brook water all the year round is ceaseless, brook water is the hill spring that comes out from hill, upper reaches surrounded a pond of 3 meters of square, use as draft, wash rinse to brush uniform in downstream.

Jiang Lengmei likes the place like this a haven of peace very much, the hill here, water here lets her feel kind, especially the warmth of person of Home Xian Yuyi lets her once frozen heart anabiosises gradually, cause the enthusiasm that gives opposite work. This is her the 10th day when come to Xian Yujia, she is washing the dress of the family happily in brook edge. Transient now and then villager greets sb friendlily with her, the villager people do not know Leng Mei is flee from a calamity so far Gu daughter; A when Xian Yujia says Leng Mei is their home external shirttail kin, and the villager people the understanding in the heart is the wife that Shang Wen will come to. That boy is opposite no wonder Shang Wen all round villatic girl disinclination, original other people has intimate friend early — Jiang Lengmei is Zhen Jun!

“Leng Mei, i… I will help you wash, eat lunch quickly. ” the sound that transmits Shangwenlue to show nervousness abruptly after one’s death. Leng Mei has turned round, see Xianyu Shangwen stands hurriedly on the bank, the finger across of two hands is folded before the bosom, ceaseless quake will be moved. This or Shang Wen talk actively 10 days to Leng Mei for the first time, the look that Leng Mei sees him is very strange, can’t help feeling puzzled, “Shangwenge, you how? Where is uncomfortable? ” pitiful Leng Mei struggles in the brim of life a[……]


Wingceltis of the 22nd ch广州夜网论坛RSDapter and pluvial tung

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Wingceltis and pluvial tung

“Elder sister, you wait me a moment, I went to be not moved. I went to be not moved..

The lip that pluvial tung freezes so that empurple is pulling a voice to cry crying, cry at the same time, cry at the same time.

“Elder sister, I went to be not moved, you wait me a moment. You wait me a moment..

? This kind cries call, let wingceltis can hear lingering sound in sleep.

Pluvial tung, have gentleman heart disease as a child, this kind is ill, cannot take too much route, walk along 10 paces lip to empurple, the face is paly. Asthma does not come over, stop with respect to need rest. Or is carrying the travel before her on the back with respect to the person beside need.

Pluvial tung is 5 years old, wingceltis is 8 years old. At this moment the body of pluvial ketone is very light, every sky learns the wingceltis on the road to be able to help pluvial tung up, the hand that pulling pluvial phoenix tree and tung tree walks on sinuate alley.

Classes are over on the road that come back, collect plum together, have bamboo shoot. The wingceltis in the autumn climbs Shi Ya to seam in go pulling potherb, tung letting rain is in next is in to help collect.

Dan Yutong most the wet that those who be afraid of is in the winter, this is seasonal, the weather is too cold, can not move a step simply to making the pluvial phoenix tree and tung tree of heart disease, every walk along a few paces to also need a back, helping her up to also cannot go.

Every arrive rain, on the road of campus particularly slippery, meet brow, mud road, like touching bit of rainwater to resemble rink, walk to slip downward. A lot of times wingceltis was carrying pluvial tung on the back to roll Kuang from the Tian Jian edge of brow below. Falling is mud all over. The quarrelling sound of wingceltis, pluvial tung neighs the heart cracks lobar cry, on the road of campus resound is worn.

Still want to come to pluvial tung uprear afterwards, the cautious back of one pace is worn he visits the school.


Imperceptible, this kind of years went pluvial tung 9 years old. At this moment wingceltis busy move rises junior high,

Pluvial tung of 9 years old is right for wingceltis, the body resembles pile also pile immobile stone. She also is carried on the back again do not move her.

Also do not have again to her before the sort of patience, want to hear the cry of pluvial tung only. Is wingceltis tongue-lashed? “Must not cry, you cry dead. ” but be scolded more, her cry is greater. Wingceltis eventually the heart below firm comes, throw pluvial tung to the road, also paid no attention to without giving thought to, oneself run in the past school that the individual gallops. It is the yelp that pluvial tung rips a heart to crack lung rear. “? Elder sister, you wait me a moment, I went to be not moved. I went to be not moved..

“Elder sister, you wait for me, I went to be not moved. I went to be not moved..

Wingceltis head also is not answered, wiping tear at the same time, rush in past school at the same time, when getting on for classroom doorway, a tear that she exerts all her strength is dry.

Sit of rain cry call is worn with respect to the resound in the brain in him, ? “Elder sister, I went to be not moved, elder sister, I went to be not moved. ” ? Think consider is worn. Tear begins to fall downward again. She is inexorable the sound of teacher lecture, what resound wears is pluvial tung cry call.

9 years old are a disaster of pluvial tung, be dying. Wingceltis why does not know, her of shake heart is very painful like the cry that she rips a heart to crack lung then very painful. But she is helpless really, her back does not move pluvial phoenix tree and tung tree, the back does not move her, she is too heavy. She is inferior to transient person, see the spit phoenix tree and tung tree in the cry bitterly on the road, total somebody can carry her on the back one Cheng, perhaps carry her one Cheng, that one semester, pluvial tung stops in the back back of stranger in stopping, walk over. And that individual that wingceltis became look on with a critical eye.

Run every time after the classroom sat, she is in the miserable condition that envisioning pluvial tung, can she visit the school? Can she encounter risk? Is she still crying? In case did disease break out how does she do? Want a lot of times to develop a classroom to carry pluvial tung on the back to the school again. Wanting to return is go no further, her true back is not moved. Think[……]


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“Xiaoning, how do you return a responsibility with Liu Shen? ” Xie Qing looks up look at all over the sky sky, the after-thought in the head is worn a moment ago Liu Xiaomei’s word, feeling Jian Ning follows Liu Shen from beginning to end is common friend not simply so simple.

“How to return a responsibility, meet again after a long separation just, I follow him is common friend only. ” the meaning that Jian Ning knows foliaceous fine word, subsequently she laughs, mood is answering her insipidly.

Xie Qing rises the station is before Jian Ning, look at her with the eye that examine next, if she believes she says, but she does not believe Liu Shen. “Xiaoning, you go magazine company interview, does Liu Shen know not to know beforehand? You do not feel of your interview some are too successful, the resume that just sends in the evening before today, lay between a day to be admitted in the morning. Lay between a day to be admitted in the morning..

“You say so, it is strange to still have a place really, I will ask him tomorrow, did not know. ” Jian Ning says, after-thought she received a telephone call that day, go the issue that magazine company reports, it is some feel strange.

“Tell the truth actually, liu Shen is much stronger than Zhuo Hang, just meet two months with you, it is good to him himself to be compared to you, if he is right really you are interesting, you are cherished well, hold well. ” Xie Qing most do not be at ease below, it is emotional problem of Jian Ning. She hopes than who, she can have a good a home to return to, won’t resemble on one paragraph of feeling in that way, hurt black and bluely.

Jian Ning hears Xie Qing’s word, hold her hand, laugh to her next. It is good that she knows she is for her, but emotive thing, not be to say to hope she is together with who, be together with who, if the feeling is done not have to him in the heart, how won’t that feel happy constrainedly again.

“Time is not early, we go back. ” Jian Ning rises the hand that pulling Xie Qing, take the car such as roadside.

“Xiaoning, hello, I send you to go back. ” Liu Shen calls nearby Jian Ning, made acoustical call with the Xie Qing on the side next.

Xie Qing sees Jian Ning is a little hesitant, turn the head laughs to Liu Shen, saying with him. “That bothers you. ” say, pulling the cart on the Jian Ning on the side.

No matter Jian Ning is right land is deep what idea, so late, downwind car sits, do not sit in vain.

Xie Qing looks at the Liu Shen of front seat, say an address with him, let him send her first designedly next, she can not want to make their two bulb.

In the Jian Ning on the side, turn the head looks to the window outside, do not know how, she always feels those who blame atmosphere is a little odd. Because a moment ago talked about Liu Shen’s thing with Xie Qing,be probably, just feel a little strange to blame so.

Meet too, liu Shen parks the car in the village doorway that Xie Qing says, fine waiting for a leaf walks into a village, he just opens motor-car tune to leave.

“Xiaoning, be to say to commute receive by me send? How to differ afternoon did I go? ” Liu Shen saw the Jian Ning in eye rearview mirror, a moment ago he wants to ask her, it is Xie Qing only in some inconvenience.

“I follow Xie Qing they agree to have a meal together, just did not wait for you so. ” if not be Liu Shen,remind, be afraid she had forgotten, he accepts the business that sends her to commute.

Liu Shen hears Jian Ning’s word, come off work afternoon he sees she is not in magazine company, think she is not to want to let him send her to come home, just go early intentionally. “Xiaoning, interview afternoon, zhuo Hang did not embarrass you. Zhuo Hang did not embarrass you..

He just read the cover magazine that Zhuo Hang films with Han Tong, just know Liuyuan lets Jian Ning persuade Zhuo Hang to promise filmed work.

He thinks back to the look that Jian Ning sees Zhuo Hang is sad midday, he feels to feel distressed, if he comes back a bit earlier to look for her, she need not persuade Zhuo Hang to promise to film, also do not have later interviewed.

“Without. ” Jian Ning looks up the Liu Shen that looks at front seat, do not understand why he can ask her this.

“Xiaoning, no matter have what thing, I am beside you. ” Liu Shen says so, because he knows,be, no matter she has what thing, can put in the heart only, won’t tell him this friend.

Jian Ning hears Liu Shen’s word, desire the appearance that chara[……]